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Agenda2030 är våran mål.

Vi erbjuder ScienceMagazine samt MOOC kurser.

Samt "educational" videospel.

Vi producerar smart digital manufacturing.Smart sensorer.Smart cities.Smart citizens.

Vi jobbar med co-creation inom vård och hälsa. Våran CEO har en PhD och postdoc från Karolinska Institutet.

Vi upplyser om fallgropar inom vård och hälsa samt skolan.

Vi fungerar virtuellt och finns i Stockholm-Uppsala-Åbo-Rom

Vi fungerar på svenska/engelska/tyska och finska 

BOMBSHELL NEWS! ACE2 receptor not essential for Sars-CoV-2 infection, study shows! We have been HOOKED up on the wrong damn receptor!

The problem with fact check? It does not understand irony!

Our socities have become so "poor" because they lack the ability to understrand sarcasm. In irony and sarcasm you try to point out if something is rediculous! The whole social media is "poor" because when it designs so called fact check it lacks the ability to understand if someone who is saying something is ironic or actually saying something as a fact!

Problem med hela juridiska systemet? Juridik saknar logik! Man skall tolka hit och tolka dit.

Good News is that education is very easy and I repeat that everyone can have a Master by the time they are 19 because what they teach in University is just crap you get the real deal during your basic 12 years education!   

I once again want to say that I disagree with what current medical authority says about ADHD!

If you are smart and fedup to deal with ppl who are autistic you show symptoms that autistic/nazi ppl want to convince you is a disease named ADHD! 

Jag anser också att man beskriver trevlighet på fel sätt!

Om allas behov tillgodoses så uppnås trevlighet!

Falsk trevlighet består av en massa falska fraser och lömsk artighet som gör att folk mår dålig inombords!

Här är ett förslag på hur vi kan få ordning på Finland!

Efter att medborgaren fyller 18 år om det någonsin kommer fram att föräldrar har blandat sig in i ett vuxen barns liv så skall föräldern sättas i fängelse!

Den första som hamnar i fängelse kommer att vara Anna-Maja Henriksson som har blandat sig i vuxna människors liv med hjälp av deras föräldrar!


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Ladies and Gentelmen!

I have the pleasure to introduce to you my newest homepage that aims to connect Stockholm-Uppsala-Roma-Åbo in order to promote and celebrate humanity and civilisation.

Vi finns på svenska-finska-tyska och engelska. Snart också på italienska och spanska!

Underbara nyheter för alla älskade Stockholmare samt alla vänner av digitala händelser!

Myntkabinett är nu ekonomiska museum som främjar demokrati och humanism

Human beings are created in such beautiful way! Viva Humanity!

Mina Damer och Herrar!

Jag har glädjen och presentera 

Vi är en spinoff från Karolinska och vi tror starkt på skandinavien.

We are available in swedish,english, german and finnish.

Våran forskning skall främja självkostnadspris projekt inom medicin.

Vi tror starkt på svenskans betydelse inom skandinavien.Vi tillhör 1% som försvarade våran avhandling på svenska ty vi tror på Nordens styrka

Mina damer och herrar!

Jag har den stora glädjen och presentera

Nyheter från Huvudstaden!

Jag börjar med Helsingfors men sedan kommer vi att utöka med Stockholm och Paris.

Följer detta sedan med Rom och Madrid. 


Baltic Sea News

Some of you might know about vimeo, it functions like youtube but it is more european!

My channel on vimeo

"Eurovision 1990 Italy - Toto Cutugno - Insieme 1992" 


"Food Waste Action Week 2024: 18-24 March"

Did you know 6,7 million Children in India are starving? At the same time we have global food waste that if planned right could balance everything so no one would be hungry!   
  • "For Canada as a whole, that amounts to almost 2.3 million tonnes of edible food wasted each year, costing Canadians in excess of $20 billion! "

Proof Riika Purra and Petteri Orpo are crazy?

Finland bought 64 F-35 planes!

Many many many billions went there!

Plus now NATO fees AND they spend 500 millions yearly to support private flights!

Plus all money they have given to Ukraina!

Ladies and Gentelman Riika Purra, Petteri Orpo and Alexander Stubb are crazy!

2020 when pandemia started I was in a group proposing how we can help civil ppl in Turku region with drones!

STUPID Turku and STUPID Finland rejected my easy and helpful plans instead Israel and India promoted their societies with drones!

I repeat! Petteri Orpo is crazy! Only 20 euros is taken from rich monthly! But poor ppl can loose up to 700 monthly! This 30th of April which is student day! Everybody sing with me! CrAAAAAAzy! Petteri Orpo CrAAAAAzy! Galningen Petteri Orpo föraktar fattiga människor!

Fråga:Hur kommer det sig att galningen Petteri Orpo betalar mindre i skatt medan unga i Finland skall lida?

Svar: Petteri Orpo föraktar fattiga människor!

Ergo: Petteri Orpo måste avgå!

"IS selvitti: Näin paljon pääministeri Orpon verotus kevenee 2024"

BTW did you know Mario Draghi worked for free as prime minister of Italy???

Boston has lots of Lab scandals! I have been observing scandals in Boston and in my opionion you have these issues because Boston is full of ppl with facist/nazi idiologies! They also have lots of fanatic/extreme ppl!

Bärskörden i Finland minskade bl.a pga bärplockare saknades!

Tänk vilka vinster bärplockning skulle Finland kunna inbringa om Purra och Orpo hade förmåga och planera som en äkta patriot istället för att vara landsförrädare!

Här kommer mer exempel på att Purra och Orpo är landsförrädare!

De "tar" pengar från studerande som i huvudsak är Finländare men fortsätter och stödja doktorander som är ett system som  har "massor" med utlänningar!

I 30 år har man direkt importerad kineser och gett dem "massor" med doktorandpengar medan man nu "tar" från den vanliga finska studenten!

Och vet ni vad! Skyll allting på Esko Aho som i början på 90-talet gav Finland brödköer och nu är landsförrädare och jobbar för kineser! 

A Scandal named Nima Alavi!

Search for Pharmacy school scandal and you will find so many scandals that you understand why so many ppl say never choose a Pharmacy school!

Upprörda känslor på Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset!

Per Mattsson tycks ha fört en arbetssätt baserat på förakt av människor som har resultrerat i att en mycket duktig förlossningsläkare har avskedats!

Human rights watch har påbörjat kampanjen #behindthebling med syfte om att upplysa om tragedin bakom guld och diamanter i smycken som finns på våran marknad.

Äta p-piller eller ej!

Många unga tjejer mår illa av


"Över tre miljoner kronor för kontorsmaterial.

Skattefritt och helt utan krav på redovisning. Evighetsfrågan om EU-parlamentets ”kontorspengar” fortsätter.

En lång rad svenska partier vägrar fortfarande visa vad de gör med pengarna."

"Shocking Study Reveals Many Fast-Tracked Cancer Drugs Offer No Clinical Benefit" 
The world is upside down! We are fast-tracking cancer drugs that have no real clinical value while we at the same time have shortage of cheap cancer drugs that we know actually work!

"According to media reports and an Indian MP, the Adani Group has carried out a highly questionable transfer of millions of tonnes of coal from a controversial mine whose allocation to the Adani Group was also carried out in a questionable manner. The coal, supposedly owned by a state-owned power company, was instead burnt in three Adani coal-power plants. Recent media reports that have not been denied suggest that there have been several instances of questionable allocation and diversion of coal by group companies."

"CO2-Emissionen des Flugverkehrs in Österreich um 40 Prozent gestiegen"

"“A new study on the transport of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) from the River Mersey, in the north west of England, out to sea reveals that levels of certain PFAS in the Mersey basin are among the highest recorded globally."

Boys Club country USA!

The only way you can work and be rich in USA is to be an italian mafia woman like Nancy Pelosi!

"‘I Want What My Male Colleague Has, and That Will Cost a Few Million Dollars’ Women at the Salk Institute say they faced a culture of marginalization and hostility.

The numbers from other elite scientific institutions suggest they’re not alone."

In Finland you have to be irish mafia woman!

Then you get HUGE amount of money based on "rappakalja"

"Deutsche Bahn (DB), Tysklands nationella järnvägsoperatör, har upplevt en anmärkningsvärd ökning i internationell långdistansresande i Europa, med en passagerarökning på 21 procent jämfört med år 2019, något som tydligt visar på en återhämtning och mer efter pandemin.

"Förkortning av resvägar Framtida planer inkluderar introduktionen av ICE 3neo-tågen på sträckorna Frankfurt/Main–Bryssel och Frankfurt/Main–Amsterdam, vilka förväntas vara i drift redan från mitten av 2024."

"68 percent of Chicago children under age six live in households with tap water containing detectable levels of lead." 

Om Petter Orpo var smart så skulle han säga att en bra anledning och investera i Finland är att vi inte har blyrör! Orpo skall sluta med sin "rappakalja" om arbetsreformer och andra dumheter!

People confuse competition with opportunist! Competition is between smart ppl! Opportunist is a stupid person seeing  loopholes and using it to gain profit! If you are stupid you think if someone critisizes you that person is a competition wanting to get rid of you! If you were smart you would understand the critic is there for you to see what should be corrected! It is to help you do the right thing! the real thing!

For some reason you can pay billion dollar salary to athletes but you cannot make sure cheap cancer drugs are available for humanity! 

"Most of the drugs on the shortage list sell from $1 to $8 per dose, which causes slim or even negative profit margins for the few manufacturers who produce these."

Ever heard Petteri Orpo talk about Pandora Papers? No he tries to make us forget Zelensky is in Pandora Papers!

The files reveal Zelenskiy participated in a sprawling network of offshore companies, co-owned with his longtime friends and TV business partners. They include Serhiy Shefir, who produced Zelensky’s hit shows, and Shefir’s older brother, Borys, who wrote the scripts.

Check out the link for the list of all Finns in the Pandora Papers! 

"En statsman ska kunna skapa ett samhälle värt att försvara och en vilja att försvara detta samhälle i krig.

Kristersson misslyckas med båda dessa uppgifter.

Samma fel sker nu i Finland! Man nedmonterar Finland.

Man nedmonterar ett enat Samhälle!

Med andra ord Petteri Orpo är Finlands värsta fiende!

Och tro det eller ej!

Orsaken till eländet är att Petteri Orpo  inte är intelligent nog för att förstå vilken idiot han är!

Want proof that Jens Stoltenberg is nothing but a Clown who has no real value?

"'Ticking time bomb’: How abandoned war weapons are poisoning the Baltic sea"

Baltic Sea is full of poison from WWII and clown stoltenberg talks about NEW weapons!

"Karimipour Saga II: Vietnamese Bauhaus

"[Timon Rabczuk] is happily accepting 2 million euro of European money, whilst at the same time optimizing his return-on-investment on Vietnamese affiliation scam and cashing in on his 'highly cited researcher' accolades by also posing as King Saud researcher." - Maarten van Kampen"

"Allegations hit Italy’s top conservatoire as professors accused of taking bribes from prospective students"

I have a solution you should offer MOOC courses so those who cannot study in a regular manner can achieve the same knowledge via MOOC courses!

Democracy Achieved!

Or you could say if they pass the MOOC courses they can be included in graduate studies!

"Greece Wastes More Food Than Any Other in Europe, UN Reports" (news from 2021)

Apparently there is an App now that wants to help with food waste in Greece! Can someone of the readers give feedback about it?

"Chefen tvingade Sophia rädda skolmat från farlig gas – lever med nervsmärtor"

"Teslas försäljning ökar kraftigt i Sverige och många kunder får ut sina nya bilar, trots strejken och flera sympatiåtgärder, visar Ekots kartläggning."

Hur? Judas finns i Östermalm!!!

"För att få tag i registreringsskyltar har Tesla bland annat beställt så kallade ersättningsskyltar, som levereras direkt till kunder och därmed inte fastnar hos Postnord."

Skrämmande eller hur att amerikanska biltillverkaren Tesla har större makt i Sverige än den vanliga svensken!

"Therése lovades jobb direkt – fick lära sig svetsa via Youtube

Maskiner som står trasiga i månader och fusk med lärartätheten.

Elever och lärare vittnar om stora brister hos utbildningsföretaget Veldi som har uppdrag för Arbetsförmedlingen och Komvux."

"Attacker och 16 timmars arbetsdag – Irynas vardag hos gurkodlaren i Skåne"

Regeringen i Sverige tycks inte fatta hur Skåne fungerar eller är det så att Jimmy är i maskopi med galna gurkodlare i Skåne?

Germany seems to be governed by idiots!

On the one hand they put billions into brain research and brain simulation on the other hand they have legalised cannabis that gives epigenetic changes and messes up the chance of having correct negative and correct positive controle for our brains in the german poulation!

Suppose someone who is now using cannabis later has a stroke!

Correctly Simulating that brain will differ from simulating a stroke brain that has not used cannabis!

You want to be 100% correct you would need exact amount and time of cannabis use(something no one that uses cannabis will give you a correct answer about)

plus you need to know his genetic profile in order to know if genes worsen his stroke simulation outcomes!

Israel as a nation suffers from lack of logic because it was founded based on mafia and corruption!

The same goes for covid management! It lacked logic becsause the reason we got covid was that mafia and corruption  created Wuhan lab!

No one would be killed in Palestine if jewish mafia had not created the state ISRAEL!

ISRAEL: Illegal immigrant ships arrive in Haifa (1946)

No one would have died from covid if french mafia had not built the Wuhan lab!

The strange saga of how France helped build Wuhan's top-security virus lab

I want to recommendate Allan Institute! It inspires you!

Stay tuned for my Brain book in e-Book formate 01062024!

In this book I will show you that computer scientist simulate brain functions without understanding the genetic and epigenetic of the brain that created our brains!

Simulations mean nothing if you have no basic understanding of genetics and epigenetics and no basic understanding of what a correct negative controle and what a correct positive controle is!

"Regeringen tar bort stödet till biblioteken – de svagaste läsarna betalar det högsta priset"(nyhet hösten 2023)

"Det här gäller faktiskt en stor mängd människor som kan bli delaktiga i samhället tack vare lätt språk"

Däremot så har Finlands regering just betalat 188 miljoner åt Ukraina! Finlands regering består av en gäng facister och Nazister!(nyhet våren 2024)

"Unilabs embroiled in Romanian teleradiology scandal"

Norway has no idea what happens in its own country!

You are a fool if you think Norway actually knows what happens in NATO!

"Så kan forskningspolitiken stärka life science

Forskningspolitiken måste stärka branschens konkurrenskraft och utveckla sjukvården. Det kräver samverkan på internationell, nationell och regional nivå inom sektorns alla fält, skriver Frida Lundmark, vid Lif – de forskande läkemedelsföretagens branschorganisation inför den kommande forskningspropositionen."

"Stor oro i Sápmi efter Nato-inträdet: ”Förstår inte renskötseln”" 

Ironisk nog är Nato sekreteraren från NORGE och alla vi i Sverige känner ju till Norge skämten!

The problem with classic research as well as modern research is that we do tons of research without 100% correct positive or negative controle! The idea with a digital twin is to have a 100% correct positive controle however digital twin technology is still in its infancy and ONLY for research only! 

"AI techniques in medical imaging may lead to false positives and false negatives "   

You should also always check who financed the research because that can help to further investigate if the study is made for the good of mankind or to promote someones career or make big money for someone!


"What is Nanotechnology in Agriculture?

Nanotechnology is the science of the incredibly small. At the scale of nanometers, we're able to manipulate individual atoms and molecules. For agriculture, this means creating materials and devices that can operate at the same scale as biological phenomena."

Sveriges tragedi? De vars fokus är pengar är mentalsjuka! Carola har massor med pengar och en stor villa men hennes beteende bevisar att hon är mentalsjuk och okapabel och förstå vad äkta kärlek är!

Just därför besökte hon tillsammans med Ebba Busch Israel för att dom är båda mentalsjuka!

Båda är offer för livets ord och sexuell och mental våld i sina relationer! Någonting som Israel via Jeffrey Epstein trakasserade världen med!

Yesterday we could hear on the news that Finland has given 188 millions to Ukraina! At the same time we could yesterday read that Zelensky has bought a house in London for 20 millions! Considering that Finland has cut money from students and has a huge amount of Foodbanks you can as an intelligent person conclude that the enemy of Finland is not Russia it is Finlands corrupt facist government!

Varför beteer sig Anna Batra såsom hon gör?

För att hon är en korrupt facist!

Hon vill inte att Stockholm har det bra hon vill att korrupta facister har det bra!

"Visby har under flera år haft bland de högsta nivåerna av luftföroreningar i landet.

Vissa dagar ligger nivåerna av skadliga partiklar långt över vad lagen tillåter.

Trots det har regionen fortfarande inte gjort tillräckligt för att minska halterna."

"Artfakta fjällgås

Fjällgås (Anser erythropus) klassas som Akut hotad, CR på SLU Artdatabankens rödlista år 2020. Internationellt klassas arten som Sårbar VU, både globalt och i Europa, och fjällgåsen är förmodligen den fågelart i Sverige som har den starkaste hotbilden globalt sett."

"Hospitalized COVID-19 patients with high levels of interleukin (IL-6), a harmful protein produced by periodontitis, were at significantly greater risk of suffering life-threatening respiratory problems during the

three-month study."

"Pro-inflammatory interleukin-6 signaling links cognitive impairments and peripheral metabolic alterations in Alzheimer’s disease"


Volt är ett kultur- och språkprogram för barn och unga upp till 25 år.
Programmet stöder projekt som väcker intresse för konst, kultur och språk i andra nordiska länder och områden."

"Programmet stöder projekt som väcker intresse för konst, kultur och språk i andra nordiska länder och områden. Projektstödet från Volt kan vara mellan 7 000 och 70 000 euro. "

30.3.1994. An important date for Linux.

En seger för humanism och demokrati

Which language does Linus Torvalds speak: Finnish, Swedish or English?

Hello Purra! Hello Petter Orpo!
Purra and Orpo should do an internship with Linus Torvalds in order to learn humanity and democracy!

The trouble of Finland

The trouble of Finland is that it is not really a country! It is a place with lots of crazy ppl who lack identity! Nils Torvalds has done lots of shit because he was a journalist in Sovjetunion and his children were treated like shit in Helsinki because "daddy" worked among communist. Linus Torvalds is his son that has given the world Linux! But Ladys and Gentelman Linus Torvalds has suffered much because Nils Torvalds is crazy communist. He is also one of the reasons why Anna-Maja Henriksson is a huge crazy disaster in Finland!         
Jag följe Nvdidia! Dom utnyttjade pandemin maximalt och "roffade" åt sig allt föt att på 3 år bli den korrupt gigant dom är nu. Dom stöds också av italienska mafia kvinnan nancy pelosi
If you feel helpless or depressed here are 2 stories to make you feel powerful!
The computer capacity used to launch the first moon mission was less than your smartphones capacity!You can create magic with your smartphones.

Mark Zuckerberg was in college when he launched his facebook empire idea and pls do remember Facebook is not rocket science it is just a guy who created connestions to make his idea into an empire!

"In Wallonia and Brussels, an investigative report by RTBF journalists recently challenged the initial perception that PFAS contamination was confined to Flanders. Contrary to initial data suggesting limited contamination in the rest of Belgium, an eight-month inquiry revealed over 335 PFAS-contaminated sites in Wallonia and Brussels.

Among these, the inquiry identified 36 clusters with highly contaminated ‘hotspots’ which surpass the 100 ng/l guideline for drinking water.

This has obviously raised health concerns.

The journalists advocate for stricter regional standards, which echoe the proactive measures observed in Flanders.

"The Walloon water company SWDE and the administration reportedly knew that the water had PFAS levels that exceeded thresholds set by the European Food Safety Authority."

"On 7 March, the five Regional Quality Infrastructure Organizations of Europe, the European Committee for Standardization (CEN), the European Committee for electrotechnical standardization (CENELEC), the European co-operation for Accreditation (EA), the Association of the National Metrology Institutes in Europe (EURAMET), and the European Cooperation in Legal Metrology (WELMEC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding to create the European Ql Network."

"Overall, the five signatories are committed to pooling their expertise in the fields of metrology, standardization, accreditation, conformity assessment and market surveillance to support and enhance the quality, safety and environmental soundness of goods, services, and processes."


Create standards for what a country is!

Israel has from the begining behaved like barberian pirots!

They seem not to have a clue what a country is!

The same way that USA was shaped by barberian pirots!

A country is not a place for barberian pirots

Debate! We need standards for AI!

"The decision to exclude the European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI)  is part of a broader spat between the EU executive and the standardisation organisation, considered to be too driven by the private sector." 

You can compare this with these electrical voi they put this product on the market without any global standards.

This is a nightmare product for doctors who have to treat youngsters suffering from injures from this product!

" There have been numerous articles published in AI for the NDT domain in the last few years, but practical assessment of the proposed AI methods is limited due to the lack of standardized practices that can be used to validate the performance of the developed tools. From a scientific point of view, there are many open research questions that make AI standardization appear to be premature."

"Lack of standards among issues plaguing AI software developers"


For research use only! Not intended for diagnostic!

All covid vaccines were developed based on for research use only!

That is why you do not see toxicity test on mRNA vaccines!

The same goes for digital twins! It is for research use only!

They have not passed any diagnostic safety test yet!

"An Introduction to Research Use Only (RUO)"

"EC takes heat over new Pfizer vaccine contract after ‘secret texts’ scandal"

"A decision by the European Commission to give a vaccine-production contract to US pharmaceuticals giant Pfizer has raised eyebrows within the European Parliament.

The firm has found itself at the centre of numerous controversies over the past few years. They include a scandal involving “secretive” texts sent between its CEO Albert Bourla and EC President Ursula von der Leyen, enraging many within the European Union."

"LMS Study Challenges Biology Textbooks: Some bacteria Do Have Histones!

Scientists uncover the presence of histones in bacteria, reshaping existing understandings of bacterial DNA organization."

"findings expand our understanding of histone structure and function across diverse life forms. We eagerly anticipate future research exploring the functions and implications of histones in a wider array of bacterial species.”

Debates needed!

I have seen now that ppl like crazy are creating digital twins for immunology without considering that covid vaccines changed ppl immunology!
They just look at genes expressed!
Digital twins are still in their infancy they should not be used in clinics the same way that covid vaccines should only be used in the lab and not human clinics 

"Transnational Institute


Putting ideas into movement since 1974

The Transnational Institute (TNI) is an international research and advocacy institute committed to building a just, democratic and sustainable planet.

For 50 years, TNI has served as a unique nexus between social movements, engaged scholars and policy makers."

Greece as a country is a problem for humanity because they protect pedophiles! They gave Tom Hanks citizenship! The same Tom Hanks that is on Epstein list!

Greece has even tried to classify pedophily as a disability

"Paul Romer, the Nobel winner who was the World Bank’s chief economist until he left in early 2018 -- after falling out with Kim and Georgieva -- said in an interview that China had often applied pressure on bank staff to alter draft reports

Jag vill härmed officiellt anklaga Anna-Maja Henriksson för galenskap! Hon är total kukku! Hennes galenskap består av att hon är uppvuxen i en håla!

Hennes galenskap har nu spridit sig till jurister på KI!

Idioten Anna-Maja har läst några juridik böcker och så tror hon att hennes höns hjärna är kapabel och skilja mellan svart och vitt!

"Visselblåsaren: Har blivit totalt galet på Karolinska"

"Det stormar återigen kring Karolinska universitetssjukhuset. Denna gång efter att överläkaren Karin Pettersson, chef för förlossningsvården och en av Sveriges största auktoriteter på området, plötsligt fått sparken."

They want to re-elect Ursula von der Leyen!

Someone that gave us Covid disaster! Covid was in China!

Had she managed it right it would not have made such a disaster in Europe!

"How Bill Gates and partners used their clout to control the global Covid response — with little oversight" 

"The lack of focus on traditional health system strengthening has been a longstanding criticism of the Gates Foundation’s work."

"Without governments stepping in to take the lead on pandemic preparedness, the four organizations, along with their partners in the global health community, are the only entities that are in a position to lead in the world’s response to a devastating outbreak — again."

"Pfizer, Ursula von der Leyen and €35 billion corruption"

Ever heard anyone talking about democracy as a main pilar of Europe and humanity in Europe?

The problem with Ursula von der Leyen is that she would never had a job that she has today if she was not married to this von der Leyen guy!

"New Data Show Massive, Wider-than-Expected Global Gender Gap"

"The global gender gap for women in the workplace is far wider than previously thought, a groundbreaking new World Bank Group report shows."

"women on average enjoy just 64% of the legal protections that men do—far fewer than the previous estimate of 77%."

"More than 26,000 people have so far signed a petition launched by MERA25 Germany—the political party of pan-European movement DiEM25—demanding the immediate resignation of Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, over her disregard of the EU’s legal framework and basic moral decency in her unqualified support for the Israeli government’s collective punishment of the civilian population of Gaza."

"More than 26,000 people sign a petition demanding Ursula von der Leyen’s immediate resignation


"Qatargate, one year on: EU corruption scandal still unsolved"

"Last year, the EU Parliament was rocked by accusations foreign actors had attempted through bribes to corrupt its democratic processes in a scandal dubbed "Qatargate." What do we know so far? Surprisingly little."

"Auditors also found problems in 11 out of 13 post-pandemic recovery grants disbursed in 2022, amounting to €47 billion"

"In one case, a farmer in Italy claimed agricultural subsidies for a plot on which there was said to be lemon trees but an audit confirmed no trees were there."

"In four iterations, the Bankwatch map of dubious, EU funded projects drew attention to how not to deploy billions of euros of EU taxpayers’ money in the former communist bloc countries."

"In collaboration with Friends of the Earth Europe, Bankwatch has followed the use and – too often – abuse of the EU funds in central and eastern Europe for more than ten years."

"Luxury cars are the new benchmark of distinction of the Ukrainian MP Hennadiy Vatsak:

Will the Council of Europe and the EU censor this ex-waiter and ask him from where he got the money to own a Rolls-Royce Spectre?"

Problem with ukraina is that it lacks reality!

"“As Western Taxpayers are having their wallets emptied to support the most corrupt country in Europe to fight a US-led proxy war against Russia, Ukrainian MP’s, whose wages are also funded by Western Governments Aid Packages, are wafting in silent opulence along the streets of Kiev!”"

"This video confirms that the Western “sanctions” against Russia are just a joke"

All the brands claiming to have left Russia are there because they have been imported from neighbour countries!

"There’s only one syphilis medication for pregnant people.

And the supply is running out.

What can the government do to help?There’s only one syphilis medication for pregnant people. And the supply is running out. What can the government do to help?" 

Penecillin used for Syphilis has side effects! We need one that has no side effects!

You should not be treated with penicillin G benzathine if you are allergic to penicillin

Köp ut Purra samt Petteri Orpo så är vi av med eländet Purra & Orpo! 

Miljonregn över Postnords vd: ”Galet mycket pengar”

Håkan Ericsson får 14 miljoner kronor i fallskärm för att lämna posten som vd på Postnord.

"Finanschefen Gunnilla Berg, som också petas av Postnords koncernstyrelse, får cirka sju miljoner i fallskärm."

Betala fallskärm så blir vi av med Purra och Orpo!

Amatören Purra avslöjade sig själv idag med att hon instrueras av

Anna-Maja Henriksson!

Anna-Maja Henriksson i sin tur instrueras av Wallenberg som har satsat mycket i Österbotten och Vasatrakten!

Med andra ord galenskapen som ni ser hos Purra styrs av Wallenberg!

"De avgående ministrarna i S-regeringen har visat intresse för att ta del av fallskärmen för statsråd. Men den totala ersättningen på drygt 1,7 miljoner kronor är inget jämfört med vissa fallskärmar inom näringslivet."

"Totalt har 23 ministrar i den tidigare socialdemokratiska regeringen flaggat för att få sin ekonomiska fallskärm. Det betyder att de kan få ut 145 000 kronor i månaden under högst 12 månader. Om de skulle ha en annan inkomst under tiden så räknas det av från den skattefinansierade “månadslönen”. Totalt kan den utbetalade summan bli 1 740 000 kronor."

Galenskap på Karolinska universitetssjukhuset!

"En av landets mest kända läkare inom förlossningsvården har fått sparken av Karolinska universitetssjukhuset. Anledningen är formaliafel – hur hon använt sin jobbmejl och redovisat bisysslor. Kollegor är chockade, då flera chefer på kort tid tagits ur tjänst.– Det finns ingen rättssäkerhet, säger läkaren Clara Brandkvist."

"Både läkare och barnmorskor är upprörda och flera brev har riktats till sjukhusledningen, då flera chefer stängts av. Över hundra medarbetare har skrivit under breven. De plötsliga förändringarna kan göra det svårt att fortsätta bedriva högspecialiserad vård, varnar kollegorna."

Kunskap från 2014!

Det som EU kallar för ersättning är egentligen MUTOR!

"Fyra nya EU-kommissionärer ska vikariera under tre månader. Det ger dem rätt till en fallskärm värd miljonbelopp."

EU saknar vett och etikett!

Kunskap från 2014!

""Slöseri med pengar att ge krislån till Ukraina" 

EU och USA har lovat ett ekonomiskt stödpaket till Ukraina om landet genomför stora och svåra strukturella och ekonomiska reformer.

Det är slöseri med pengar, säger Pekka Sutela, som har en lång karriär vid Finlands bank bakom sig och som är en av Finlands främsta experter på Ryssland och dess grannländer.

"Ukraina fick IMF-lån 2008 och 2010, men hann bara få en del av lånepaketen eftersom IMF drog tillbaka avtalen när landet vägrade uppfylla valutafondens krav. Och Sutela tror inte att en ny regering heller skulle klara av de svåra reformerna, även om IMF:s chef Christine Lagarde sagt att hon är säker på att landet den här gången klarar kraven. - Det är något som hon måste säga, men jag tror inte på det och jag är säker på att hon heller inte tror på det."

Kunskap från 2013!

"Maria Wetterstrand: "Slöseri med EU-miljarder möts av gäspningar."

Maria Wetterstrand kallar det för slöseri men om vi är jätte noga så är det nog mutor!

FBI obviously fabricates everything! Yesterday we heard Finland is the happiest country on Earth! Well I say that was fabricated by FBI and CIA!

"Zuckerberg’s Admission Of FBI Meddling In 2020 Election Is Even Bigger Than It Seems"

"Zuckerberg’s admission reveals a deeper scandal: It was the FBI and not social media that stole the election from Donald Trump. "

You are a fool if you think jews are to be in the area defined as Palestine occupied by jews! That area is for ppl that are nomad/beduins!

For instance there are huge amount of spanish jews in seattle/USA and I bet that it is these jews Bill Gates come from!

The same Bill Gates that is on epstein list and the same Bill Gate who sadistically promotes vaccines without having a medical education!

Spanish jews from former Ottoman live in current Seattle/USA

Iran Deal: John Kerry Announces U.S. Is Lifting Sanctions

Iran deal proves NATO has no real value

Iran is flooding Europe with cocaine!

They can do so because Ursula von der Leyen is Irans puppet!

Did you know huge amount of germans are married to Iranians?

These women helped east and west germany unite!

"A global drug trafficking ring run by Dutch and Iranian crime bosses — and most likely involving the Lebanese militant organisation Hezbollah — is suspected of being behind the failed attempt to import up to two tonnes of cocaine along the Cork coast."

"Sources said that these criminals assess Ireland as a “point of least resistance” into the lucrative European market."

Ursula von der Leyen ist lächerlich! Ihre affenteater ist lächerlich!

Belgium is drowning in cocaine and she talks about NATO!

She knows NATO has no real value! Belgium is drowning in cocaine.

Ursula wants money so she can bribe ukraina!

Ursula is clearly autistic!

"Record amount of cocaine seized in Belgium in 2023 as EU faces rise in drug-related violence"

"The amount of cocaine seized in Europe continues to rise every year, driven by the growing demand among Europeans.Brains in Europe have no real value! They are eithder damaged by cocaine or autism!

Record amount of cocaine is flooding into Europe!

You are stupid if you think our defence system in the western world will have a real defence ability since if its brain is not damaged by cocaine it is damaged by autism!

20 years ago Finland had real defence!

What the fuck does Sweden think patria tanks can do for them when it was fucking tragedy for us in Finland?

"Fyra personer miste livet i en olycka i Skogby i Raseborg när ett militärfordon kolliderade med ett tåg.

Tre av dödsoffren var beväringar, en var passagerare på tåget."

"Militärfordonet hade deltagit i en övning på Syndalens övningsområde i Hangö."

"Long COVID fatigue linked to malfunctioning mitochondria"

You get your mitochondria from your mother and generations of mothers before! 

We have long covid because among others Ursula von der Leyen let covid spread around in Europe from China!

"Scholars call for global moratorium on human gene editing following ‘CRISPR babies’ scandal"

No intellectual discussion has been made on gene editing in humans with CRISPR!

Our idiot politicians talk like crazy about AI but they are blind into what frankenstein disaster CRISPR is!

Madness is done in the name of Science because we have stupid idiot corrupt mafia politicians!

"CRISPR-Edited Tomatoes Are Supposed to Help You Chill Out"

"The first commercial food product to use the CRISPR gene-editing technique increases levels of GABA in tomatoes"

Jag vill härmed varna för Katarina von Numers!

Hon skita ner min ansökan på kulturfonden!

Vet ni hur kvinnor som hon fungerar?

Dom fungerar som måsskit!

Dom skiter på allt och alla!

Nu skryter idioten Katarina von Numers att hon är med i idebanken! Kvinnor som hon finns i Finland!

De saknar mänsklig värdighet!

De lever på det faktum att de har en adelstitel.

Tragedin med adeln i Europa?

Dom är alla mentalsjuka!

Måste våldta vanliga "donare"!

Hitler fick stöd av adeln och våldtog judar!

Nu får adeln stöd av terrorist kurder och terrorist iranier för att "våldta" donare i Europa!

EUROPA är mentalsjuk!


Skolor  har uppgifter de har inga projekt!

Det är fult av lärare och prata om projekt då de i själva verket har en uppgift!

När jag gick i gymnasiet så fick jag i uppgift och seriefotografera ngn. Dagens lärare går nu omkring och tror de är "himla" figffiga när man kallar uppgifter för projekt!

Uppgifter i skolan

Bästa lösningen för Finland är att Petteri Orpo avgår!

Palestinska Universitet och skolor har bombats pga Petteri Orpo är en terrorist!

Istället får NOVIA i Åbo trakten finansiering!

Jag har två ggr pratat med folk som gått på NOVIA!

Dessa människor är allt annat än utbildade!

Kulturfonden stöder NOVIA som är en skamfläck för Finland samt NORDEN!

Petteri Orpo är en terrorist!

"What is a ring chromosome"

"One of the mysteries of ring Chromosomes is why the ends of the chromosome stick together and why the ring formation causes the problems that we see in individuals." 

"in a ring chromosome for some reason a chromosome forms a circle."

Following is important to understand about genetic diseases!

If you want a cure you need to do this on the genetic level!

What we currently do with genetic diseases is that we treat symptoms! Anna-Maja Henriksson should resign for many reasons and one of those is that NO correct information about ADHD is given anywhere in FINLAND.

You say ADHD is genetic, well you are not treating it!

You try to "tame" the symptoms!

You say ADHD is because environment toxins! Well make Nature Toxic free! You are not doing ANYTHING right in Finland regarding the so called ADHD because you neither debate a genetic issue or debate Nature poison issue!

You just say here is "medicine" take it because Finland is the country of facist and Nazi ppl who have no real intelligence!

They need sadism and dictatorship in order to live!

Case study Purra! Purra is a crazy crazy woman who is allowed to work because we allow crazy crazy men like Stefan Wallin who "fucked" Finlands defence and who "fucked" Finlands climate to work!

EVER heard anyone of these ppl who decide over schools and children on genetic reprogramming? Genetic reprogramming is the way to go for gene diseases!

MIND you I want to emphasize ADHD is not a real disease! You hear about it because we allow sicko men like Stefan Wallin who "fucked" Finlands defence work!

Politicians in Finland are all idiots because Finland never became a real country it is a no man land ruled by sweden and russia

"Pioneering research

In the early 1960’s, Dr Reijo Norio conducted genealogical studies on congenital nephrosis, an inherited disorder characterized by protein in the urine and swelling of the body, often resulting in infection and kidney failure. He discovered the autosomal-recessive mode of inheritance of this disease. An autosomal-recessive genetic condition must be passed down from both parents in order to manifest, become phenotype. In contrast, autosomal-dominant inheritance only requires getting the gene defect from one parent. In the wake of this discovery, Dr. Norio later described how the founder effect and isolation had nudged the Finnish gene pool towards both having over- and under representation of distinct genetic diseases."

According to Folkhälsan! 

You can contact me at in case you want zoom meeting and discuss and debate!

"The Finnish Genetic Disease Heritage"

"Intermittent fasting from dawn to sunset for 30 consecutive days is associated with anticancer proteomic signature "

" The 30-day intermittent fasting from dawn to sunset is associated with a serum proteome protective against cancer"

"The Fascinating Link Between Fasting and DNA: Unveiling the Secrets of Cellular Health"

"Promoting Autophagy: The Mobile Clean-Up Device:"

"researchers have discovered how cells that let us hear can repair themselves after being damaged, an insight that could benefit efforts to treat and prevent hearing loss."

" XIRP2 first senses damage, then migrates to the damage site and repairs the cores by filling in new actin."

New Insights into Common Visual Disorders

Det är tråkigt när man i Finland inte vill förstå hur folk lär sig!

Vi lär oss inte för att kuturfonden ger pengar för projekt.

Vi lär oss i första hand av våran far eller morföräldrar.

Därefter lär vi oss av släkten samt grannarna. Så man kan skapa tankesmedjor och man kan ge ut pengar för projekt.

Icke desto mindre lär vi oss av varandra i Finland. 

Vänskapsföreningars samfund

"crucial details showing how DNA times its own replication"

"Replication is nature's greatest magic trick"

Research redefines rheumatoid arthritis

The scientists were able to classify the RA synovium into six groups by the types of cells selectively enriched in each. Each group is accordingly termed a cell type abundance phenotype (CTAP) and is defined by specific cell states.  

Not all is yet known about chromosome periphery!

Your brain needs to be trained on top level in case you want to fully understand our genomes!

A bit the way you need to be on top shape in order to win a medal!

"Chromosomes turn out to be half genes, half mysterious coating" 

"only about half of the material inside each chromosome is actually made up of DNA."

Chromosome 2 is a mystery!

Is it an end to end fusion of 2 Chromosomes and evidence of evolution? More studies needed!

Chromosome 2

"Mystery of how Liver defends itself against cancer solved"

At least solved to a great degree!

Here it says it effects MMP7.

My own hypothesis is that in many cancers it is good to check how MMP9 is regulated.

"two proteins in healthy liver cells, working together, curb the action of a third protein that makes the liver a fertile place for cancer to grow.”"

"This is the first time that a study has shown that the multiplication of these extrachromosomalDNA (ecDNA) genes--a phenomenon called ecDNA oncogene amplification-- is present in a broad range of cancer tumor types"

So you could hypothize that the reason we have turbocancer is because we got ecDNA!

"We also find that patients whose cancers have ecDNA have significantly shorter survival than all other cancer patients, whose tumors are driven by other molecular lesions, even when grouped by tumor type.""

"researchers discover mechanism responsible for genome rearrangements"

 "light on how cancer cells rapidly evolve genomic changes that fuel their proliferation."

"Sacramento woman's heart attack leads to congenital heart defect discovery"

We learn new stuff on a daily basis!

"Researchers identify stem cells in the thymus for the first time"

My hypothesis is that these Stem cells/thymus cells function differently  in women and men.

In all these news we read we never get details about how stuff differs between men and women.

When it came to heart decades was needed before anyone pointed out we have gender difference in heart diseases.

"The researchers will next study thymic stem cell properties throughout life and how to manipulate them for potential therapies."

"How chromosome imbalances can drive cancer"

"The vast majority of cancer cells have too few or too many copies of some chromosomes, a state known as aneuploidy. But for decades, researchers have debated whether aneuploidy promotes the growth of cancers, or is simply a side effect of cancer cells’ fast growth"

Lyssnar på efter 12 och vill härmed säga att de som diskuterar där i dagens program 15032024 är idioter!

I Finland får människor sparken endast om de är för bra!

Helsingfors stad hade i månader problem och betala ut lön! Fick ansvariga sparken för det? Nej! Det skulle lidas! Posten omorganiserades till skit nivå! Fick någon sparken för det? Nej! Chefen för posten fick mastodontlön!

"De exceptionellt höga direktörslönerna har väckt ett ramaskri i sociala medier."

Vatten! Vatten! Den eviga debatten!

Egentligen är det nog så att Samer kunde vara triljoner pga vattenkraft!

Svensk kolonialism berövade samerna mark och vatten

Tyskland är ej ett land!  Tyskland är ett område!

Jag fick bevis för detta då jag 1989 besökte Tyskland!

Tyskland har aldrig varit och har aldrig blivit ett land!

Tyskland är ett område där folk talar tyska!


 "Finland på åttonde plats vid jämförelsen av jämställdheten i EU-länderna"

Intressant och se att varken Tyskland eller Belgium som är Ursula von der Leyens hemländer toppar listan!

Med andra ord Alice Bah borde  egentligen utföra Ursula von der Leyens jobb!

"Sverige toppar jämförelsen med 82,2 poäng. Nederländerna placerade sig på andra plats och Danmark på tredje plats."

" Västerbottensanemin är en ovanlig sjukdom men kan tjäna som en viktig modell för såväl cancerutveckling som andra ärftliga hemolytiska anemier"

"Genmutation kopplad till ovanlig Västerbottenssjukdom"

Genetic stuff from 2012!

Just so you get a clue that unless we discuss and debate we will end up having civil war over profits!

"The company that makes the world's biggest-selling gene test for breast and ovarian cancers is refusing to share groundbreaking knowledge that could benefit patients, academics claim. "

"In addition to testing for the cancer-causing mutations on the two BRCA genes, Myriad uses its tests to compile a database of other mutations known as "variants of unknown significance" (VUS) which it gathers from patients and their family members"


"Oförklarliga kostnader på svindlande 30 miljarder kronor av skattebetalarnas pengar går till förskola, grundskola, gymnasium och äldreomsorg. Varje år."

"Dyraste podden i landet: Många myndigheter i Sverige producerar poddar som kostar miljoner. Värst i klassen är Kriminalvården!"

Sveriges regering består av obegripliga varelser

Debates on antibiotics needed!

We all know new antibiotics are needed however the use of current antibiotics needs to be wisely discussed!

"Antibiotics weaken flu defenses in the lung"

"Antibiotics can leave the lung vulnerable to flu viruses, leading to significantly worse infections and symptoms"

Work in progress!

Designing animations that will help us achieve Agenda2030 goals!

Visste ni att Li Andersson är mentalsjuk?

Jag såg henne på Aalto Universitet 2019 och hon är nog den sjukaste människan jag någonsin sett som har sysslat med utbildning!

Nu vill mentalsjuka Li Andersson till EU bland alla andra mentalsjuka individer!

Covid pandemin blev en pandemi för att politiker i Europa är mentalsjuka!

Man måste vara mentalsjuk för att bli politiker

Want proof that politicians in Finland are idiots?

They have frozen food aid money to Palestine but go ahead with weapon deal with Israel!

What an idiot Finlands government is!

"Development Minister: Finnish UNRWA funding to remain frozen"

Since Finlands government is an idiot I suggest everyone in Finland to support Palestine and buy Palestine drinks!

Politicians in Finland are idiots

We need a joint nordic help for Palestine!

It is totally unacceptable that Elina Valtonen does what she does!

Elina does not function the way a normal good finnish person does! She has been poisoned in UK with ugly life habits

UK and USA are ugly countries when it comes to humanity!

Insider knowledge in Finland is all those in medical field who turn out to be cheaters and abusers are given jobs in UK.

At Karolinska Institute we had a very valuble and intelligent professor who did his postdoc in USA.

His life was destroyed because at MIT and Harvard they did stuff that is totally no no in Sweden

We have strong values in Scandinavia

Cocaine floods in USA because Obama made a deal with Iran!

He did so because as a "Nigro" he has very low selfesteem!

He is not intelligent enough to see Iran bluffing!

Terrorism is not allowed in Islam!

iran was bluffing and idiot Obama believed them!

funneling cocaine into the United States

Bevis för att politiker i Finland är idioter?

Klimakterie är en påhittad besvär!

Min mormors mens försvann då min morfar dog 53 år gammal utan att hon märkte någonting och min morsas mens försvann medan hon var upptagen med 3 barnbarn.

Både min mormor och min morsa jobbade med full kapacitet när mensen försvann!

Finska politiker är idioter!

Politiker i Finland är idioter

If you have not understood by now here is the proof that Rishi Sunak is mentally ill!

Rishi Sunak not only kills palestinian children he is also responsible for children dying in England!

"Twelve children dead in London with temporary accommodation as a ‘contributing factor’"

"A record-breaking 142,490 children in England are currently legally defined as homeless in the England, sleeping in B&Bs, hostels, hotels and council-rented accommodation."

Did you know your farmed salmon is vaccinated?

Why this is important to know?

No one has long term data about how humans who eat vaccinated farmed fished are affected!

You should do wise choices regarding the fish you eat!

Pfizer told everyone the mRNA in mRNA vaccine will leave the body and leave no traces!

Guess what!

It turns out that mRNA in Pfizer vaccine is made into DNA in the liver!

"Based on the results of the trial in March 2024, the recombinant protein that will be immunogenic will be also employed in a larger vaccination trial that aims to challenge the vaccinated fish to examine the protective effect of the vaccine formulation against SGPV infection. This trial was approved by Mattelsyint (FOTS ID: 30361) and will be running between January 18th and March 20th under the responsibility of Haitham Tartor who is the one who produced the proteins and who is also a work package leader in the Immunopox project."

Israel conflict can easily be solved!

Give BAVARIA to jews!

All that shit Nazi germans did and it ended with Jews occupying Palestinian lands!

Stay tuned also for my friday animation I show you how Nazi Bavaria used me to unite east and west germany in 1989!

Its Nazi germans in Bavaria and the real evil guy was a so called Nobelity in Bavaria who is homosexual!

This fucking Franz aus Bayern is the reason jews are occupying Palestine! And this fucking Franz is the reason he fucked my german classes in 1989 in Bavaria!

Fucking germans fucked Jews that fucked Palestine!

Give Bavaria to jews!

Free Palestine!


IIllegal immigrant ships arrive in Haifa (1946) (

all these jews came to palestine because germans fucked them!

All these jews came to Palestine because Nazi germans did what they did

Give Bavaria to jews!

Palestine wants its country back!

"Das erste Schriftzeugnis, das jüdisches Leben in Bayern dokumentiert, ist die so genannte Raffelstettener Zollordnung aus dem 10. Jahrhundert.

Juden lebten hier aber vermutlich schon seit römischer Besatzungszeit."

"13 offizielle jüdische Gemeinden existieren in Bayern: Würzburg, Hof, Bayreuth, Bamberg, Erlangen, Fürth, Nürnberg, Weiden, Amberg, Regensburg, Straubing, Augsburg und München."

Debate Fortum disaster!

The people that gave us Fortum disaster also gave us Riikka Purra Disaster!

"Fortum – kansallinen häpeä"

"Lauantai 30. toukokuuta 2020 jää historiaan.

Keskellä ilmastokriisiä suomalainen valtionyhtiö Fortum avasi uuden hiilivoimalan Saksaan laajasta vastustuksesta huolimatta.

Voimalan avaaminen on kansallinen häpeä ja ilmastotoimia vaatineille nuorille isku vasten kasvoja."

"Fortumin tappiot Uniperista ovat valtavat, jo pelkkä kirjanpitoarvon menetys 5,8 miljardia euroa.

Tämä vastaa 1 700 euroa jokaista suomalaista verotuksellista kotitaloutta kohden tai noin 3 GW maatuulivoimaa."

Fortum Disaster!

Varför fan behöver Finland spara?

Pga idioten Uniper och idioten Alexander Stubb!

Alexander Stubb får nog snällt själv hosta upp 800 miljoner!

Här är ett exempel på vilken idiot Alexander Stubb är!

Rysk kärnkraft blev en dyr flopp för att idioten Alexander Stubb supporta rysk kärnkraft 2014!

Idioten Alexander Stubbs dumheter kostade Finland 800 miljoner!

"Finska floppen – blev en sällsynt dyr grop"

"Finland har fått lära sig den hårda vägen att man inte bygger ett kärnkraftverk i en handvändning.

Reaktorn i Pyhäjoki skulle ha blivit näst störst i Norden.

Nu är projektet begravt."

"Miljardiluokan hankkeesta tulikin miljardiluokan riita"

"800 miljoonan euron tappiot"


Joe Biden talks about Capitalism without understanding what he talks about!

I got news for Biden!

What he imagines to be capitalist are a bunch of savage ppl that came from Europe to USA to make a living!

USA has a banking system that is strong because it has huge gold sources!

But these gold sources are not there because of Capitalism they are there because of ppl that lived there for 14000 years!

The sooner USA wakes up from its illusions that white ppl had anything to do with USA and acknowledges that USA is great because its original ppl made it great the sooner everyone can live a happy life!

Gold in USA

I swear to god if I was in palestine I would 3D print a gun and shoot those mother fuckers committing genocide!

It is fucking genocide!

The world was silent when Nazi Germans killed jews!

Now the world is silent while Zionists committ genocide and kill palestinians!

I grew up with american movies!

In american movies we kill mother fuckers that committ genocide!

If Israel did in Texas what they do in Palestine ppl of Texas would kill those mother fuckers!

Munther Isaac!

Dödade inte covid Sverige så kommer att kokain döda Sverige!

Det är ju klart som korvspad att Sverige drunknar i kokain när två kokain langare med namnen romina pourmokhtari och parisa liljestrand finns i regeringen!

"Fler tar kokain i Sverige – trefaldig ökning av patienter"

"Antalet patienter inom vården med skador från kokain har trefaldigats på tio år." Kokain langare Shekarabi

Det är ju klart som korvspad att om man är dum i huvudet så är man i behov av kärnvapen! Med andra ord om du vill veta om en politiker är dum i huvudet så kolla ifall han pratar om kärnvapen!

In other words Never believe any politician in France is smart!

Just look at what Aaron did to prove countries with nuclear weapons are not intelligent countries!

"A US airman has died after setting himself on fire in front of the Israeli embassy in Washington DC on Sunday, shouting "free Palestine"."

Disaster country France

Covid tragedy! Cocaine tragedy! Facist tragedy! Europe is full of tragedy!

Stallion statues and cocaine: Rome has a new mafia

Here is a story in order to make you guys understand how badly women have been treated in academia in Sweden.

We are approaching woman's day 08032024 so it is especially useful now. When I started my studies at Uppsala Universitet we could hear since day 1 how medical faculty in Uppsala University does not have female Professors!

Absolutely in every lecture they nagged and complained.

I was 20 years old and in my eyes these 40 years old women who complained were from another planet since I had never myself been treated differently just because I am a woman until then.

Before I started a PhD at Karolinska I did a pre-PhD. I sat in the same room as an amazing intelligent female doctor who just only 30 years old was about to defend her thesis but her face was sad.

I was sitting in the room writing a letter to my grandma about my

pre-PhD project.

This female doctor was sad because only 30 years old she had to face a very ugly power war at KI.

She had during her PhD discovered a new mechanism regarding kidney that was clinically significant for kidney treatment however the old old professor who was a woman decided that the discovery should be in the name of a male researcher and not her.

Naturally she was upset and she had protested.

Guess how she was treated? They destroyed her relationship with the guy she was with who was a young doctor and she got so depressed so she started a relationship with a guy with no academic background but who was kind and helped washing dishes and clothes at home. She later had children with him.

I never forget the sadness in that intelligent young female doctor who was treated as if we live in dark ages instead of high tech millenium!

This story is from 2001/2002.

Trevlig kvinnodag

När jag doktorerade så var det endast ryssar som gratulerade oss på kvinnodagen! Svenska män firade inte kvinnodagen!

Vill också påminna er om att när Europa under ledning av facisten Ursula von der Leyen tyst såg på hur italienare dog av Covid så var det ryska läkare som kom till Lombardia och hjälpte!

In other words it was Russia that saved lives in Italy NOT facist Ursula von der Leyen!

Neither was it NATO and USA!

Just google pentagon scandal and NATO scandal!

Pentagon is full of cocaine!

NATO is full of pedophiles!

From Russia with Love!

"Hur kan filantroper, näringslivet, civilsamhället och offentlig sektor samarbeta för att uppnå målen i Agenda 2030?"

"Så når vi målen i Agenda 2030 – Swedish Philanthropy Summit 2023

Sweden has the highest divorce rate in EU!

Do you know what divorce means?

It means civil war in a family!

In Sweden they talk about alcoholism damage to work places!

Have you ever worked in a place that is crowded with divorced ppl!

Have you heard these ppl talk on phone!

It is civil war!

Bomber och granater!

"divorce rates are up. In fact, they are the highest here in all of the European Union. According to Statistics Sweden,"

"Barcelona in a water shortage emergency since February 1st - State of Pre Emergency since November 2023"

"239 municipalities in emergency

The Drought Plan sets a limit of 200 liters per inhabitant and day on average per municipality in the emergency scenario. This figure includes domestic consumption, economic activities, health centers, municipal uses, and losses in distribution networks, among others."

Varför behövs en regering när vi som medborgare har bättre lösningar än regeringens "tokigheter"?

"Sjukfrånvaro i vården motsvarar 9 000 heltidsjobb – en halvering kunde lösa personalbristen"

"Det är inte bara Finland som tampas med sjuk vårdpersonal. Mönstret upprepar i sig i land efter land och är mycket tydligt i andra nordiska länder."

Politikers/regeringars uppgift här i världen tycks vara att lura folk!

På svenskafreds hemsida kan man läsa att Sverige har exporterat vapen till ett värde av 11,7 miljarder till ett hemligstämplat land!

Sveriges regering lurar folk

Hur kommer det sig att Stephen Hawkings fick all hjälp här i världen och jobba ända tills han dog men nu stöder Rishi Sunak dödande av barn i Palestina?

Likadana tokigheter ser man i Sverige!

Sveriges förlossning är en mardröm för många kvinnor!

Elstöd gavs åt rika men normal förlossnings hjälp kan kvinnor i Sverige inte få!

Stephen William Hawking (8 January 1942 – 14 March 201

Instead of giving billions and billions of money to Ukraina that obviously are used for to buy super expensive yachts and luxerious villas with and instead of  support to weapon industry support Nature!

"Radical Plan to Stop 'Doomsday Glacier' Melting to Cost $50 Billion"

"Right now, this massive Antarctic ice shelf blocks warming sea waters from reaching other glaciers. If the Thwaites collapsed, it would trigger a cascade of melting that could raise sea levels another 10 feet (three meters)."

Jag kräver härmed att Sveriges regering avgår! De är nämligen en säkerhetsrisk för mentala hälsan i Sverige!

Viva Humanity!

Alla pratar om hur dyrt maten är ingen pratar om att man i Sveriges storstäder har designat ett system där maten tror att den har hamnat i en hundmage!

KI samt KS har blivit mastodonter.

Resultatet är att om du vill äta den här dyra svinmaten på en lunchtimme så går hälften av tiden till att stå i kö för maten.

Alltså du har nästan ingen ordentlig tid för att förtära maten!

Ergo maten tror att den har hamnat i en hundmage!

Inte är det meningen att man skall äta som djur

Greenwashing is a form of corruption!

Romina pourmokhtari and Jimmy Åkesson have done nothing but greenwashing Swedens Nature!

"Greenwashing – misleading people over environmental claims – can be a form of corruption or a form of fraud. It damages trust, and undermines public confidence in climate action."

Greenwashing is a form of corruption!

This is my life philosophy! The same way that we do not need a government in order to have a good country the same way we do not need religion to be a good human being!

We all live by the way our brain (neurons and astrocytes in our brain was shaped).

I shaped my own brain by reading books.

Before I could read books(age 6) I shaped my brain by observing and analysing grown ups!

You are a fool if you think someone like Romina Pourmokhtari whose brain was shaped because her father bought her mother in order to be able to put her on earth has a brain capacity that understands humanity or democracry or understands the beauty of nature!

She only knows what money is because her father bought her mother in order to put her on earth!

You are a fool if you think that Åkesson's brain who was shaped in a small space in south Sweden and with a swedish language that sounds as if you have a brain damage will ever understand what democracy is!

Åkesson will never understand the beauty of Nature! 

Daycares in Finland committ crimes against children when they demand children younger than 3 to share stuff

Games Sweden plays!

Det är klart som korvspad att terroristen Romina Pourmokhtari samt terroristen Parisa Liljestrand är hot mot rikets säkerhet!

Dessa två terrorister får behålla jobbet medan anonyma "påhittade" människor som är domstolsanställda sparkas med motivet att de är hot mot rikets säkerhet! 

Bevis för att Romina Pourmokhtari är en miljö terrorist!

Hon gjorde sig av med miljömyndigheter och pratar rappakalja om kärnkraften!

Iran dealen handlade om uran. Nu vill iranska terroristen pourmokhtari skaffa uran i Sverige istället för Iran!

Bevis för att Parisa Liljestrand är en kulturterrorist!

Hon har på egen hand förströrd Stockholms unika medeltidsmuseum! Säkert på uppdrag av judar!

För minsann judiska museet får stå kvar och få bidrag! Games Sweden plays!

Själva poängen med medeltidsmuseet är stadsmuren som nu terroristen Parisa Liljestrand har saboterad och gett order om museets flytt

They usually talk about how bad white ppl are but here is an example on how bad "Nigro" ppl are in order to survive dictatorships of white ppl in USA!

"Nigro" boy Obama made a deal with cocaine country Iran!

Obama is a hell of bad "Nigro" boy!

The result is good for his "Nigro" daughters!

Because  the Iran deal with cocaine Iran saves his "Nigro" daughters from being treated like animals in white dictatorship country USA!

"Nigro" boy Obama avoided iranian uranium but now USA is flooded with iranian cocaine! 

Bomber och granater ja det vill dom ha!

Men att se till att utomhusluften är bra! Ja de vete katten om de vill ha! "Varannan förskola har dålig utomhusluft"

"Hälften av förskolorna i Sverige ligger i områden där utomhusluften är skadlig för barnen, rapporterar Sveriges Radio Ekot."

Sverige vill med våld in i NATO men klarar inte ens av och se till att Vården kan kommunicera på svenska!

"Brist på bedövningsmedel – personal tvingas tyda italienska"

"Det råder brist på lokalbedövningsmedel på många kliniker i landet både i sjuk- och tandvården."

 "Nordic NEET rates on EU target levels"

"Among the five Nordic countries that participates in the European Labour Force Survey (LFS), the 2022 NEET rates varies between 5 percent in Iceland and 9 percent in Finland.

This means that Finland is the only country that does not meet the EU target of a NEET rate below 9 percent." 

Utbildningsminister Anna-Maja Henriksson är en tragedi en katastrof och en skam för Finland och Norden


Humanity has agreed to explore universe and to live on other planets!

In order to do so we all will have the same opportunities in a spaceship! This as a background in order to make Israel understand humanity has agreed on certain basic stuff as a human rights!

Among those are anesthesia!

I hereby suggest all those who are airdroping stuff over Palestine include anesthesia in the help package!

"Du som ska genomgå en operation får alltid någon typ av bedövning eller narkos, det vill säga anestesi. "

"Tvättmaskinen har förändrat världen mer än internet"

Den observanta kan ta lärdom av detta.

Vi bör fokusera oss på att skapa ett samhälle som minskar arbetsbördan och ger oss tid och ha kul!

Så länge som jag kan minnas har lärarna i Finland klagat på att just när de har blivit vana med ett system så skall allting igen planeras om och det leder till att de flesta lärare i Finland mer eller mindre är kukku i huvudet! Logiken säger att man skall ha en grund som sedan kan justeras inte att man hela tiden har en virvelvind i systemet!

"Enligt den sydkoreanske ekonomen och forskaren Ha-Joon Chang har tvättmaskinen förändrat världen mer än internet. Även Sveriges ”favoritvetenskapsman” Hans Rosling hävdade att tvättmaskinen är den största innovationen under den industriella revolutionen eftersom den kraftigt underlättade kvinnornas arbetsbörda."

Härmed dissar jag Sveriges regering och får inspiration av preklin! Kristersson går upp Kukkelikuu!

Bomber och Granater! Kukkelikuu!

Kristersson ingår i bad boys network Kukkelikuu!

Han står för covid elände! Han står för bomber och granater! Kukkelikuu!

Bomber och granater! Kukkelikuu!

Härmed dissar jag Finlands regering med inspiration av preklin!

Bomber och granater Kukkelikuu!

Purra vill ha bomber och granater kukkelikuu!

Hennes morsa söp ihjäl sig! Hennes farsa dunka henne i huve!

Bomber och granater! Purra vill tvinga Finland spara!

För bomber och granater! Ja det vill hon få! Kukkelikuu!

Purra är emot "pakko" ruotsi men "pakko" besparning ja det är kukkelikuu!

Har ni hört kön till vasektomi i Finland är 3 år! Kukkelikuu!

Här kommer en insider story från Karolinska Institutet!

Judar som folkgrupp är den folkgruppen på KI som mest längtar efter gratis mat!

Jag hade just utfört min halvtidskontroll och i detalj beskrivit hur man konstruerar en transgenmus. Judar fattade nog ingenting vad jag hade gjort de var bara jätte glada att efter halvtidskontrollen så bjöds det på jätte goda och jätte stora lunchsmörgås!

Gratis lunch för alla på KI

Här kommer lite insider story om Iranier som folkgrupp på Karolinska Institutet!

Iranier är den folkgruppen som har blandat ihop KI med en skönhetssalong.

Oberoende om de har duk eller inte så skall de gå i topp kläder med någotslags parfym.

Sedan när de labbar så är det som om dom smyckar någonting.

De vägrar och tänka själva all order skall komma uppifrån och sedan bryr sig ingen av dem varifrån labbmaterial beställs från eller vem som betalar alltihop.

De skall mer eller mindre fungera som på en skönhetssalong eller i bästa fall en Hollywood studio.

De är också jätte bra på att skapa konspirationer så att vissa pushas fram och andra motarbetas på det bästa KGB sätt!

Stölder och mord är iraniers sätt och få position på KI!

Alla laptop på KI är i stöldfara pga iranier stjäl dem!

En rysk forskares dyrbara laptop stals från min postdoc grupp år 2011/2012 och därefter måste vi ha lås på laptop som finns i våra office på ett skrivbord!


Bomber och granater! Temperaturskillnader mellan Natt och Dag ökar! Naturligtvis har mentalsjuka poumokhtari inte tagit i beaktande att temp. mellan dag och natt ökar! Hon har ju blandat ihop riksdagen med en hårsalong! Bomer och granater! Kukkelikuu!

Bomber och Granater!

"Although legislation was issued almost 20 years ago stipulating that asbestos containing materials should no longer be used on board ships, emerging evidence shows that even newly built vessels have it on board" 


"The Darker Side of Dutch Colonialism: Exporting Plastic Waste Is Plastic Pollution Trafficking" 

Bla bla bla!

Europe boasts it has all that technology!

Bla! bla bla!

All that technology and Europe cannot even take care of its own plastic!

All those trillions invested in space technology but Europe cannot even take care of its own plastic!

Plastic Nightmare! In 2021, the European Union (EU) was the largest exporter of plastic waste in the world, followed by the United States and Japan.

Do we really know all the stuff about how our eyes work? I would not be surprised if more stuff would be discovered!

"Eye discovery to pave way for more successful corneal transplants"

"Högst kvalitet på äldreboenden utan vinstkrav"

Här har ni en modell som är baserat på vad Sverige är bäst på!

Nämligen godhet!

Kan vi exportera Sveriges godhet till hela Europa!;)

Sveriges bästa icke-kommunala äldreboenden drivs av aktörer utan vinstsyfte, visar ny forskning.

Kommunikationsfel i Sverige!

Här är ett exempel på att killar i Sverige inte vill ha den bästa lösningen de vill med våld ha "egna" projekt som inte är den bästa lösningen!

Vi behöver inte alls ha salt på vägarna!

Lösningen är gurkvatten!

Vi behöver inte alls ha salt på vägarna!

Här kommer ett exempel så att ni kan förstå de flesta kvinnor som jobbar på Karolinska Institutet inte har förmåga och begripa sig på teknologi.

I min halvtids kommitte ingick Agneta Nordenskiöld som är gift med Magnus Nordenskiöld som är någotslags högadel på KI.

Agneta kunde inte fatta varför nestin behövs i mina transgenamöss! Killarna i kommitten fatta saken men hon som en gammal gaggig kvinna fattade inte att det är just nestin som är poängen om vi vill kunna överuttrycka ngn i de möss jag hade konstruerat! 

Med andra ord Agneta bevisade en gång för alla att hon finns på KI för att hennes man har en hjärna som fungerar och inte pga hennes egen hjärna fungerar!


"Generellt sett har det fram till ganska nyligen varken funnits pedagogiskt stöd till eller god förståelse för särskilt begåvade elever i skolan"

Min (Dr. Maria Lindqvist) hypotes är följande! 9 av 10 fall som får ADHD diagnos är i själva verket mycket intelligenta människor som mår illa av andra människors dumhet och idioti!

Din dumhet får mig och må illa!
 "Svensk forskning har visat att en övervägande majoritet av dessa elever därför har mått mycket dåligt i skolan."

Fryshaveri på KI är en tragedi!

På samma sätt att barn dör i Palestina är en tragedi!

"Vid haveriet förstördes mängder av biologiskt forskningsmaterial."

"– Haveriet är oerhört allvarligt. Speciellt yngre forskargruppsledare är väldigt svårt drabbade. Det här är en riktig katastrof. "

Skolor i Palestina tycks ju vara tryggare än skolor i Danmark!

"Våld i skolor skakar Danmark"

"Våldtäkter, misshandel och dödshot mot elever. En rad avslöjanden om våld i skolor skakar Danmark."

Vad är det för rappakalja som Liberalernas partiordförande säger!

Jag tog en kurs från KI som handlade om livsmedel.

Kursansvarig var en från Holland som utförde kursen på rappakalja svenska!

Liberalerna ställer krav på stackars traumatiserade flyktingar som korrupt mafia KI inte kräver av rappakalja människor från Holland!

Politiker i Sverige är mentalsjuka!

"Svårt att fånga upp traumatiserade flyktingar" 


Den dagen som Zelensky skänker alla sina lyxhus som han har runt om i världen åt ukrainska flyktingar kallar jag kriget i Ukraina som äkta!

Under tiden så kan alla ukrainska flyktingar "trottas" in på ukrainska ambassader och de som inte ryms inne kan tälta på gården såsom flyktingar i palestina får tälta på gården!

Zelensky är mentalsjuk!

Mentalsjuka Alexander Stubb tycker om att prata om punkt 1 och punkt 2. Låt oss nu handleda hans korrupta fru!

Punkt 1. Lär dig ordentlig svenska istället för rappakalja svenska!

Punkt 2. Lär dig finska! 

För de ej insatta Alexanders fru har bott med en tvåspråkig man och resultatet är rappakalja svenska och kinesisk finska!


Debatt! Bygger man mastodont sjukhus måste man kompensera med sjukstugor för att ha någorlunda demokrati i landet!

"Läkare positiva till sjukstugor i glesbygden"

"Sjukstugor, ett slags mini-sjukhus"

Försvaret består av elände efter elände!

Tjejers trosor gräver grop i låren och tydligen så orsakar Tejp mot skoskav  allergi hos rekryter

"Den tejpning av rekryters fötter som försvaret rekommenderar inför långa marscher kan ge livslånga kontaktallergier, visar ny forskning."

"Satasairaalan anestesiologian ja tehohoidon yksikkö on nuorten lääkärien paras perehdyttäjä"

""Laadukas perehdytys kertoo osaltaan yksikön panostuksesta koulutukseen, ja siihen liittyy usein laajempi kokemus hyvästä työilmapiiristä."

Why does teaching system function so well in Finland from grade 1 until grade 12 but become a total disaster in universities of Finland?

Because teachers from grade 1 to 12 in Finland are all financed the same way, with a couple of private schools as exeptions!

While teaching in universities are done by people who are financed all by different sources. 

In France in 2003 you could apply to be financed to be a university teacher! you have to apply before you are 35 but when you get that teaching position in the university you will have it until you retire! In Finland teaching at universities are done by ppl who get yearly or at the most 5 years of funding!


In my opinion all Professors at Åbo Academy are mentally ill!

My argument for that is the following!

If you as a Professor think that just because you are a professor no one is allowed to discuss stuff with you and anyone who discusses stuff with you should be eliminated then in my opinion that professor is mentally ill.

The same goes for parents!

If you as a parent are against your children discussing stuff with you then in my opinion you as a parent are mentally ill

People who do not discuss stuff are in my opinion dictators and dictators are in my opinion mentally ill

There was a time when cancer patient were not told they have cancer only their relatives was informed!

Their argument was not everything can be told to a patient!

Now it is required that you tell the patient and if you live among advanced doctors doctors also involve the patient in the discussion of treatment process!

The same argument goes for todays society!

Those who say can you say whatever you want?

Yes if you are living in a developed society that can discuss stuff you can say whatever you want and then discuss about it!

Animals cannot discuss at least not what we know!

But we humans can talk! The more developed you are as a human being the more ability to discuss!

It requires a certain synapses in the brain that you aquire when you start discussing stuff!

Inom vården är förmågan att diskutera skillnaden mellan liv och död

"Alla medlemmar är välkomna till Palestinagrupperna i Sveriges

kongress/årsmöte lördagen den 4 maj i Stockholm.

Deltagaravgiften är 150 kronor."

Följande punkter kommer att behandlas på kongressen: Program, verksamhets- och revisionsberättelser, samt ekonomisk rapport.

Debate! Men in western society and especially men in fanatic middle eastern countries are mentally ill!

2014 russia attacks ukraina! What does mentally ill Alexander Stubb do? He propagates for more russian nuclear plants in Finland!

Alexander Stubb är mentalsjuk! Stubb ser russofobi i riksdagen

Women standing against men who are mentally ill!

Rachel Corrie was killed by people in Israel who are mentally ill!

Death of an Idealist (Rachel Corrie)

Women standing against men who are mentall ill!

Kim Walls head and arms and legs were cut off because Denmark is the country of mentally ill people!

Peter Madsen (Murder of Kim Wall) | Mental Health & Personality

Woman standing against bad guys of Europe who kill palestinians because they know killing palestinians postpones the process of them being guilty of covid pandemia!

Bad guys in Europe who gave us covid pandemia have palestinian blood on their hands

Children are abused by mentall ill men! 

Older men are stealing the childhood of girl brides

Rym Ghazal says a video that seems to depict the wedding of an older man and 12-year-old girl is creating a

much-needed discussion


Most men are mentally ill

"Gonorré frodas i Åboregionen – infektionerna ökar också på andra håll"


"The much-scrutinized laptop computer of Hunter Biden includes emails that connect the US president's son to biological laboratories in Ukraine, according to allegations by the Russian government and recent media reports."

The war in ukraina is among others about biolabs!

"Hunter Biden helped secure funds for US biolab contractor in Ukraine: e-mails"

Everybody in Europe is abused because USA created biolabs in Ukraina

"Documents Show Texas Researcher Warned Wuhan Lab of COVID Investigation by Congress"

Network of badguys with Anthony Fauci on top are the reason why we got covid pandemia

San Francisco as a town seems to stand for lots of Evil!

Metabiota responsible for biolabs in Ukraina is in SF.

Pinterest who officially is against Agenda2030 is in pinterest!

Kamala Harris who has helped pedophiles is in SF.

Do not be surprised if god kicks USA in the ass regarding SF with nuclear waste!

Public health advocates say land at Hunters Point in San Francisco contains dangerous levels of strontium-90

Most men in USA are mentally ill!

Proof for that is the way they handle nuclear waste! 

The most polluted place in the United States — perhaps the world — is one most people don’t even know.

Today Hanford — home to 56 million gallons of nuclear waste, leaking storage tanks, and contaminated soil — is an environmental disaster and a catastrophe-in-waiting.

Greenland has nuclear waste left from USA and we have not seen any scientifically debate about it!

Nuclear waste in Greenland

Uppmaning till handling

"Region Gotland söker konstnärer i samband med Solbergabadets nybyggnation"

Uppmaning till handling

"Motorbranschen har fortsatt svårt att hitta personal och Gotland tillhör de län där det är svårast."

"De är sålda på skolans frukost: ”Jättebra för energin”

" en skola som redan inför frukost är friskolan Guteskolan i Visby."

Debatt! I Sverige så har läkarnas fortutbildning halverats sedan 2004 medan man har byggt mastodont sjukhus efter mastodont sjukhus!

Det är som om man bygger palats efter palats och säger att hädanefter skall dagis barn ha en palats som sin lekplats. 

Våra politiker består av en gäng landsförrädare med förståndet hos barn som är yngre än 10år!

Debatt! Anna-Maja Henriksson som är Finlands utbildningsminister är mentalsjuk!

Har ni hört henne prata?

Hon pratar hela tiden om hur det känns!

Känslor hit och känslor dit!

Hon pratar som en psykpatient hos en psykolog!

Senast pratade hon om hur hon konsulterade sin hund vid sin beslut! Anna-Maja Henriksson är kukku!

Kukku Anna-Maja!

Vet Ni varför Juha Kere är medlem i Nobel Kommitten?

För att han stöds av pedofiler i Finland och Grekland!

Han är lika korrupt som Jeffrey Epstein!

Korruption är en tragedi!

Därför dog frysen på KI och unik material förstördes!

Juha Kere är lika korrupt och galen som Anthony Fauci!

Pedofil landet Grekland pushade Juha in i Nobel kommitten!

Debate! The games Jordan plays!

Jordan airdroped Nescafe over Gaza!

As you know George Clooney the husband of evil Amal Clooney makes advertisement for Nescafe!

I bet Raniya the palestinian queen of Jordan will sooner or later become quite crazy!

Do you know what sadistic men are doing? They are beting how long before palestinian queen of Jordan becomes crazy

"Pass Him’: How a British For-Profit College Made Millions"

Oxford Business College and others like it make millions, largely by recruiting immigrants. They operate in an opaque corner of the British education system.

Sadly this is how the von Martens family in Finland functions!

A family based on priest that gives positions to women in its family based on 100% corruption!

It has not been about education! It has been about positions and corruption

Apparently there is a reason why americans are so crazy and the reason seems to be LEAD!

"Almost half of Manhattan, Brooklyn buildings served by lead pipes"

Crazy Americans

Ever wondered why a crazy man like Sunak is the PM of UK!

The answer is most probably LEAD!

"Just 4 per cent of lead pipes are thought to have been replaced"

"“In the UK we know that there’s roughly 25 per cent of UK communication pipes that are lead,” said Sturm. “And 34 per cent of homes have some lead pipe pipes in their network.”"

"Metro pollution: Paris's dirty secret" 

Paris is old which means it has among others lots of lead in its system

Bulgaria the country of weirdo weirdo ppl!

And until recently Bulgaria was in charge of EU innovation! Disaster!

"A Bulgarian plastic packaging tycoon recently purchased the Paris apartment formerly owned by the late Jeffrey Epstein"

Macron stands for abuse a la jeffrey epstein!

"Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky rode to power on pledges to clean up the Eastern European country, but the Pandora Papers reveal he and his close circle were the beneficiaries of a network of offshore companies, including some that owned expensive London property."

"Two of Zelensky’s associates in the offshore network, who were also part of his TV production company, now hold powerful positions. Serhiy Shefir is Zelensky’s top presidential aide, while Ivan Bakanov heads the Security Service of Ukraine."

"Volodymyr Zelensky rents his Italian villa for €50,000 to Russians"

Now you understand why Flood destroys Toscana!

Italy is ruled by mafia and communism!

Nature in Italy is ruled by god!

" what is more annoying in this case is that the same Volodymyr Zelensky demands that Russian tourists be refused entry to the European Union. At the same time, he continues to rent out his villa to Russian acquaintances."

We have bomb protection system in Finland!

How come Palestine a such a high risk area for bombs does not seem to have a bomb protection system?

What exactly is the function of Hamas others than being clowns jumping around kidnaping ppl?

Bomb protection

Since Palestine is a war zone and food delivery is an issue I suggest they airdrop space food over Gaza!

You just need something small that gives you the nutrition you need!

The answer is spacefood!


Focus on this!

In order to have free Palestine, palestine needs its own money!

Apparently they have never had own currency!

Right now they have Israeli shekel and before Israeli occupation they had pound or Lira!

Now you understand why palestinian lawyers do not have such big impact since Palestine in itself has no currency of its own!

Good news for Palestine is however the following!

Israel has crap economy and crap currency since 1 shekel is 0,25 euro!

I have worked with jews for decades they cannot think for themselves.

They are either mafia or thief in order to survive!

Palestine should continue think for itself and create its own currency! Birzeit University should have all tools needed for that!

Pls ignore Finland!

It became a so called country of its own because it is full of aparheid!

It has no real human values! It is sadistic apartheid!

Palestine needs its own currency! Palestinian dinar or something like that

"Analyzing the path to stability: Iraqi dinar and US dollar dynamics"

I do not have local knowledge of Iraq!

So it is up to the reader to know if this analyse is bias or neutral!

"It is noteworthy that the CBI plans to discontinue the use of the US dollar in domestic transactions from the beginning of the next year, marking the initiation of the removal of the currency from the domestic market and weakening the parallel exchange market in Iraq"

"Aufregung an der Militärakademie, an der die spanische Prinzessin Leonor (18) ausgebildet wird: Ein hochrangiger Offizier soll eine Affäre mit einer Kadettin gehabt haben."

Civilized and educated ppl do not need army! It is when u bring the world into Chaos that man needs guns and violence

"Skandal: Sadistische Sex-Rituale bei Bundeswehr"

In other words it is logical to assume that Ursula von der Leyen is a sadistic woman which her covid management showed us all!

"The COVID-19 pandemic and its link to the emergence of everyday sadism is a matter of public concern worldwide"

Saudi arabia is anything but a muslim country!

They supported Jeffrey Epstein!

Rothschild advises them how to invest money!

And they abuse people like barberian communist countries do!

"‘Modern-day slavery’: Kenyan domestic workers tell of abuse in Saudi Arabia"

"Saudi Arabia is known for its poor labour and human rights record, and is widely considered one of the most dangerous places to work in the world."

There would be no war in Ukraina if Ukraina did not have biolabs!

Once again the battle goes to the battle of Astrid Lindgrens Children Hospital!

Ukrainian Alexander Bondar worked at Astrid Lindgrens Children Hospital!

We used gain of function technology there for neuroscience research! Corrupt mafia ukraina Alexander Bondar made it into a  bioweapon in Ukraina!

I also repeat!

These are boys playing video games!

There is no real anger or war!

These are boys playing video games!

The way a cat plays with a mouse!

Biolabs in ukraina!

Ukraina has no respect for women!

Ukraina looks at women the way other countries look at cows!

 Inside a Ukrainian baby factory!

This behaviour can only be defined as boys playing video games mentality!

Ukraina has zero respect for women! it has zero values for humans!

The crime of communism! The behaviour of ppl in ukraina shows they are neither real jews or real christians!

They are barberian communist ppl!

The point of religion is to value and love ones children!

Nobody's Child: Inside Ukraine's Controversial Surrogate Adoption Industry

Sauli Niinistö wanted to be a NATO country!

He could become NATO by provoking russia to start war with Ukraina!

If you analyse and listen to Sauli Niinistös new years speach given about 2 months before russia started war with Ukraina you could see that Sauli Niinistös speach was full of provocations and indirect orders to Russia to start war with Ukraina!

This poju guy is a polish jew born in Finland with brittish Anita wife and Jeffrey Epstein ties!

Did you know when Israel was founded Finland was the only country on earth that gave weapons to Israel to kill palestinians? All other countries followed gods words jews shall have no countries because they loved golden calf

Vet ni vem som är Näringsminister i Finland?

En pedofil som är vålsam mot kvinnor och barn!

Nu fattar ni varför kvinnor och barn lider så svårt i Palestina!

Det är en sadistisk njutning för pedofiler som är som Finlands näringsminister! 

Ministeri Wille Rydman nolasi totaalisesti itsensä. 

Elinkeinoministeri Wille Rydmanin ”pedarikansio” puhuttaa sosiaalisessa mediassa

Inte ens i Nigeria är män så primitiva och barbariska såsom Wille Rydman är

"Every Thai foreign worker has been sexually abused in Israel, says a new report"

Israel as a society has mental health problem!

It abuses because it is mentally ill! 

Netanyahu's wife abused household staff, Israeli court finds

Israel as a society has a huge mental health problem! It rapes because it is mentally ill!

"Enligt en färsk enkätstudie har mer än en fjärdedel av högutbildade kvinnor blivit utsatta för våld i nära relationer."

" Jag var förvånad över att unga kvinnor som studerar vid en högskola hör till den största riskgruppen när det gäller våld i nära relationer, säger Pitkänen."

"Finland är det alkoholtörstigaste landet i Norden. Vi konsumerar cirka 11 liter per invånare per år. Andelen alkoholrelaterade sjukdomar och skador uppskattas kosta samhället omkring en miljard euro i året"

Inte har vi brist på pengar i Finland! Däremot så använder vi pengar som idioter i Finland!

Finland has a huge gender pay gap.

My own observations has shown the bigger gender pay gap!

The more fake the country is!

You are a fool if you think Finland is a real country!

" the median earnings of women are only 78.3 of those of men in Finland."

I also suggest you check out the gender pay gap in Estonia!

It is huge! Which shows Estonia is a fake fake country!

“This is also associated with wage discrimination, and questions about the unequal distribution of care and how it affects women’s careers and opportunities to be on an equal footing with men in the labour market,”

"Exposed: French nuclear companies dumping radioactive waste in Siberia"

As a researcher and analyser it is important to understand how France who claims to be so advanced both culturally and technologically can committ crimes like this!

"The investigation by Greenpeace France reveals that, in January and February 2021, the nuclear fuel company Orano shipped hundreds of tonnes of spent uranium to Rosatom, Russia’s state-owned nuclear energy firm."

"Die Wienerinnen und Wiener sind Österreichs Müllsünder"

Knapp 1

Monaco! The country of bad boys! 

"Prince Andrew whinged ‘Prince Albert of Monaco does what he wants but I get in big trouble’ during moan at paedo pal Jeffrey Epstein’s £63 million mansion"

"He said the Prince, 59, claimed: “In Monaco, Albert works 12 hours a day but at 9pm, when he goes out, he does whatever he wants, and nobody cares. "But, if I do it, I’m in big trouble.”"

Unaoil is full of corruption!

"The leaked files expose as corrupt two Iraqi oil ministers, a fixer linked to Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, senior officials from Libya’s Gaddafi regime, Iranian oil figures, powerful officials in the United Arab Emirates and a Kuwaiti operator known as “the big cheese”."

"Western firms involved in Unaoil’s Middle East operation include some of the world’s wealthiest and most respected companies: Rolls-Royce and Petrofac from Britain; US companies FMC Technologies, Cameron and Weatherford; Italian giants Eni and Saipem; German companies MAN Turbo (now know as MAN Diesal & Turbo) and Siemens; Dutch firm SBM Offshore; and Indian giant Larsen & Toubro."

I suggest you google iranian bank and Sweden!

These money are in reality bribe money and the real reason why Magdalena Andersson did not sack terrorist acting mafia romina pourmokhtari  even though greenpeace sweden had required she has to go!

What is even more shocking is that Iranian banks do business with russian banks!

Iranian banks do business with russian banks!"Russia’s Sberbank launches direct bank transfers to Iran"

Sauli Niinistö was and is one of the most corrupt politicians in Finland! How corrupt is Jenny Haukio seen wearing scarf while iran treats women without scarfs like animals?

Sauli Niinistö is a jeffrey epstein minded monster supported by terrorist country Iran known for its pedophiles! Child abuse and child marriage!

Hungary continues to buy billions of dollars of Russian oil and gas annually, despite most other Western nations’ cutting of economic ties with Russia after its invasion of Ukraine in February of 2022. Budapest also has sought to strengthen ties with Beijing, bucking Western efforts to reduce dependence on China."

Hungary the country of bad boys! For those who do not know there are lots of iranian-hungary marriages! There is an iranian film maker named Sinai whose wife is from Hungary

Pakistan terrorised hard working people working at Astrid Lindgrens Children Hospital in Sweden! Now terrorist country Iran helps terrorist country Pakistan with gas!

Why can Israel give out gas licences outside Occupied Gaza to Israelis?

Because Iran and Pakistan are the country of jerk ppl!

Because politicians in Finland are corrupt mafia ppl with no real anything that has to do with real human beings!

You are a fool if you think our politicians in Europe stand for democracy and real human values

"The Austrian Oberbank and the Danish Danske Bank would finance private and public projects in Iran worth one billion, and 500 million euros respectively, the report added. A total of 14 Iranian banks were reportedly involved in the deals."

Denmark and Austria are the country of jerk ppl! We all know what happened with Sebastian Kurz! We all know what happended with Kim Wall!

"Rat poison threatens Italy’s growing wolf population"

"More than half of dead wolves in study had been exposed to rodenticides "

"Skogsstyrelsens medvetna miljöbrott – en katastrof för fridlysta arter"

Din ficklampa i klimatmörkret

 "An Iranian science superstar with direct connection to the top echelones of Iranian terror regime is moonlightning as a PhD student in eastern Germany."

"should the German state security be concerned?, unless germany in reality is the puppet of terrorist country Iran!!!"

One of the reasons why I am giving out my own science magazine is because Bonnier that is jewish has bought lots of swedish local newspapers!

Jag uppmanar alla i svenskfinland som står för demokrati!

Ta avstånd från Bonnier!

Skapa era egna lektyr!

Här kommer också lite insider informatin!

På Karolinska Institutet så får män som har jeffrey epstein mentalitet stöd av Bonnier och ge ut böcker(och tjäna massor med pengar)!

Med andra ord Bonnier står för mäns våld på kvinnor!

Bonnier är judar! Dom är emot demokrati!

Visste ni att Tony Blair finns med på Epstein listan? Visste ni också att Tony Blair betalar ut lön åt Sanna Marin?

Tony Blair who pays Sanna Marins salary is on Epstein list

For those who do not know!

Sauli Niinistö was bad the way Jeffrey Epstein was bad!

He is the reason why Finland has given 100s and 100s of PhD to chinese ppl who speak very very bad english but yet get so called positions in cancer research in Finland! He is also the reason why we have violent men in Finland! And why gender pay gap is so huge in Finland!

Because Finland is not a real country!

It was ruled by Sweden and Russia and after the 2nd world war it has been terrorised by Norway and England!

Sauli Niinistös wife died 1995 because Sauli Niinistö is bad the way Jeffrey Epstein is bad

Luc Montagnier got Nobelprize for HIV. He was also against covid vaccine! Just a couple of days before he died he was at a huge demonstration in Milano where he talked against covid vaccines! If he lived today he would have to pay 45000 euros to Macron and sit 3 years in jail for what he said!

Macron responsible for Wuhan disaster is enemy of bright scientists

 "Water Memory (2014 Documentary about Nobel Prize laureate Luc Montagnier)"

Viva France! Viva Freedom!

Skandal i Sverige! politiker påstår sig ha examen! De har i själva verket endast pluggat några terminer på ett program!

"Bland annat har civilminister Erik Slottner (KD) uppgett att han hade en examen i politiska magisterprogrammet från Linköpings Universitet, trots att han bara läst tre av åtta terminer på programmet."

Skapa egna lektyr! Politiker samt de nyheter som ägs av judar ljuger stort!

"How does waste leave the brain?

Discovered route serves as passageway to clear fluid waste from brain


Anatomy is essential knowledge when it comes to understanding brain!

This is bread made out of tree when we did not have anything else to eat in Scandinavia!


You are a fool if you think saudi prince is anything but a big rich boy playing video games with peoples life!

He killed Jamal Khashoggi!

He gave order to Hamas to kidnapp!

Israel knows that!

USA knows that!

The real enemy of Palestine is rich big boy saudi playing video games with peoples lives!

Just google saudi and jeffrey epstein and you understand saudi arabia is anything but a real muslim!

Saudi arabia is playing video games with peoples lives!

"Hundreds of Army tanks and vehicles could contain asbestos and why it should be more than a ‘serious concern’"

What is more horrible is the fact that UK admits tanks from UK given to ukraina might contain asbestos!

Can tanks that France gave Israel contain Asbestos?

Sydney has Asbestos crises! They find Asbestos everywhere!

"Thousands of NSW students to stay home after asbestos found in mulch at two more Sydney schools" 

Australia suffers from Asbestos crises

Here is an example to show you what a bullshit country USA is!

They promoted Maria K Lehtinen while they tried to sabotage my work! This is not about science it is about being a jerk!

USA lacks humanity! Plays video games with peoples lives!

Happy Valentine! For those who are with us and those who are in heaven! Especially dedicated to my grandmother who died 2009 because

Ruth Detlofsson sold herself to iranian and pakestanian mafia at Karolinska Institute! All backed up by facist country Germany!

Yes Karolinska Institute was a war/mafia zone already in 2009!

Glad vändag!

 "No data? No problem! Undisclosed tinkering in Excel behind economics paper" a PhD student proves that most Professors are bullshit Professors!

The student wrote a polite email to the paper’s first author, Almas Heshmati, a professor of economics at Jönköping University in Sweden, asking how he dealt with the missing data.

I suggest doctors at Nasser Hospital in Palestine make the movie, battle of Nasser Hospital!

How Valentines day 2024 become the bloody battle of Nasser Hospital! This has also inspired me to write the book!

Battle of Astrid Lindgrens Children Hospital!

A bitter fight between christians, jews and muslims!

A bitter fight of Professors elected in the Nobel Committee!

Battle of Nasser Hospital in Palestine

Nasser Hospital was destroyed because jews in Stockholm could not take care of Astrid Lindgrens Children Hospital!

Jews in Stockholm have transfered their fight from Stockholm to Palestine!

"Vårdaren på Astrid Lindgrens barnsjukhus ledde in den 13-åriga patienten i ett jourrum. Där våldtog han henne. I går dömde hovrätten mannen till fyra års fängelse."

Astrid Lindgren protected animals! She was against animals being used in research! Jewish Anita Aperia insisted to have an animal research lab on the 10th floor of the Hospital! Something that gave us all nightmare and trauma! The animal lab should have been central on KI campus as for the rest of departments!

It is also Jewish Anita Aperia who supported ukrainian Alexander Bondar who made 3rd world war at Karolinska because he hates women!

Astrid Lindgrens Barnsjukhus

During pandemia jewish Hugo Lagercrantz showed his real colours! He insisted to "collaborate" with France regarding one crazy solution after another crazy solution for Covid!

France and what they did in Wuhan

Do you believe in god?

God said jews should not have a country because they loved a golden calf instead of God!

Israel can do what weirdo idiot stuff they want!

God sees it all!

Summa Sumarum is that Israel will never be a real country because God who created everything said so!

Golden Calf

I will also write the book!

Battle of Åbo Academy!

A bitter fight between upper class and working class!

A bitter fight between Corrupt and non-corrupt ppl!

The battle in Finland has always been between upper class and working class

Tragedy of Sweden and Finland? Government in Sweden and Finland are both owned by Terrorist country Iran, the same way President Clinton and Obama are owned by jeffrey epstein! You are naive if you think NATO can do anything as long as our governments are owned by terrorists and mafia

Alexander Stubb is owned by italian mafia and jeffrey epstein minded ppl

Here is a story so you understand how crazy ppl are who work in Science! During my PhD I was given the task to make an immuno for E-cadherin. I tried 3 different way with no results! Every time my supervisor like a crazy frankenstein you are doing something we want results! Since I am very good in thinking logically I thought I have 3 times tried and followed 3 different immuno protocols and could not get any result lets read the litteterature to see if I can get a new idea! And yes when I read the litterature I realised we should look for N-cadherin instead of E-cadherin! We did so and we got result with firt try! If you read further you can see that Switching from E-cadherin to N-cadherin in brain is a major process! I had to put with lots of bullshit from my supervisor, he did not even once appologised for screaming and behaving like crazy frankenstein!

His attitude was this is a mans world and women have to put up with that!

The E-Cadherin and N-Cadherin Switch

Stay Tuned!

I am going to make a film showing you guys in what 

mafia corrupt way East and West germany was united in 1989.

Involved is bullshit country Norway!

Finlands bullshit government!

Bullshit country Poland!

And corrupt mafia terrorist country Iran!

East Germany stasi disaster!

Härmed offentlig gör jag bildnings processen av partiet Nya Humanister!

Vi är verksamma i Sverige och Finland och vi är fria från terrorister och Mafia!

Vi står för demokrati!

Vi skall göra det som våra regeringar i Sverige och Finland inte kan göra och vi skall vara den äkta NATO! Vet ni varför Folkhälsan kunde luras av Estland? För att vi i Åbo styrs av mafia!

Finland är en guldgruva som vi inte tänker ge bort åt Kanada eller Ryssland eller Estland!

Rekommenderar varmt att ni bekantar er med Svenska lottakåren!

De står för äkta försvar i motsats till NATO som är spel för kulisserna!

Min mormor var en Lotta under andra världskriget och hela min barndom präglades av hennes Lotta berättelser!

Min mormor "försvarade" Finland på svenska! Ni är naiva om ni tror engelsktalande NATO eller norsktalande NATO kan utföra det som man kan utföra på sin svenska modersmål!

Här är en känga åt Halla-Aho som saknar förmåga och förstå att vi i Finland kan endast ha äkta försvar om vi använder svenska språket!

Svenska Lottakåren

October 2019 I was flying from Stockholm to Rome with an early flight so I spent the night at the airport as did so many others that wanted to take an early flight! Arlanda is devided in 5 sections. I think I was at section two where I sat comfortably on a bench waiting so the section would open for morning flight! While I was waiting a guy next to me who looked as a fanatic muslim started to listen to his handy radio some arabic prayer and he really looked weirdo at me and started to say respect bla bla this arabic bla bla.I was looking around hoping to see some guards since no guards was around I walked towards section 3 and 4 and finally could see 2 guards. I told them there is a very weirdo guy listening to some very weirdo arabic and shouting at ppl around him respect respect.

The guards just looked at me and said its just the way it is!

Mind you it is october 2019 that is claimed to be the month of Wuhan lab leak!

You are very naive if you think Sweden is an independent country! 


Lots of good news about Agenda2030

Good News about how the world is achieving Agenda2030

Discovered this magazine in january! Enhancing public understanding of science!


 "The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, an affiliate of Harvard Medical School, is seeking to retract six scientific studies and correct 31 others that were published by the institute’s top researchers, including its CEO"

Once again cancer research based on fiction!

Free MOOC courses from swedish speaking business school in Helsinki available in english

Hanken MOOC


Value Model a la Grönroos!

"Ny studie spräcker myt om protein och träning" 

Ajabaja alla protein fantaster! 

Sveriges regering saknar trovärdighet!

"Hälften av Sverige riksdagspartier hade spår av kokain på sina toaletter"

Regeringen i Sverige består av en gäng skurkar!

Visste ni att en av Sveriges professorernas icke så väl kända uppgifter är att prata med migrationsverket så man kan få in folk från utlandet som doktorander och postdoc?

Professorerna gör gärna detta för att man nästan alltid då betalar stipendier istället för lön!

Som nordbor har jag alltid tyckt att det är ganska läskig system.

Man skiljer på folk och folk!


Lönen för en svensk riksdagsledamot är lite på 75000 SEK!

Jämför detta med lönen för Pargas stadsdirektör i Finland som skall få lite på 11000 euro i månaden!

Påpekas bör att Finlands regering skall spara miljarder medan så inte är fallet i Sverige!

Direktörs löner i Finland är orimliga!

Regenerate Brain, Heart, And Limbs

Focus on salamander and you can create new life

What is happening in Palestine right now is not a war it is jewish mafia blowing up stuff!

Stato Mafia! "Fondazione Caponnetto: “Triangolo Firenze-Prato-Osmannoro la Corleone della mafia cinese”"

Stato Mafia

 "Larmar: Brist inom svenska techsektorn"

Sverige behöver 18 000 nya techarbetare årligen

Karolinska Institutet kände till att larmsystemet är defekt! Unik material är borta!

Skandal på Karolinska Institutet!

Here is an example on bullshit course offered by Uppsala University!

2021 I took a course from Uppsala University that included a pitch!

It was total bullshit!

Why it was like that because course responsible was a guy from Milano obviously owned by Italian mafia, course leader was named Jens, obviously owned by mafia country Norway and then we had asperger students from Africa and India included in the course and to make it worse EIT rawmaterial was involved!

And we all know this happens because terrorist country Iran has terrorised Universities and school all over the world!

Want to knw how it feels to attend a course like this?

It feels as if you are targeted by israeli snipers!

It is the same shit!

Jens Stoltenberg suffers from Asperger the way Anthony Hopkins suffers from ASperger!

Do you know the rule for becoming a professor?

3 other professors have to say you are good!

So how do women in Turku become professors?

Finnish men hate women so in order for finnish women in Turku to become professors they have to get help from foreign countries!

For instance one female diabetes professor in Turku become a professor because she got help from Arabs!

Her diabetes research is worth shit because arabs that supported her have not a real clue obout diabetes research!

The same goes for stem cell research!

The woman that got professor in stem cells in Turku was supported by terrorist mulla country Iran! Her stem cell research is worth shit!

I can tell much more but I guess you understand my point by these 2 examples!

Women in research are supported by jeffrey epstein type men

Here is a story that might help palestinians!

1996 bullshit mafia country Ireland was still suffering from bombs!

One bullshit irish woman who got a job at Åbo Akademi is named

Eleanor Coffey and her all concern was that one should not have windows with glasses because when bombed the glasses cause disaster!

I say this because I keep seeing videos from palestinians getting bombed where glasses fall inside and cause severe damage!

Cover your windows with wood so glasses will not harm you when buildings are bombed!

The bullshit irish woman told me the story of windows in 1996 and I was thinking man how primitiv and barberian ppl in Ireland are  who have these kind of problems!

Primitive barberian bullshit country Ireland!

Karolinska Institutet är en krigszon! Frys havererade i december 2023! Sabotage misstänks!

Observera att krigszonen från Karolinska Institutet kan utvidgas till

Åbo Akademi pga Stefan Wallin stöder mord av palestinska barn!


We demand peace in Palestine ny 30012024.In the meantime we suggest you visit Palmecenter. We also suggest that we the intelligent people of the world create something that replaces NATO because Pentagon has wasted trillions without anyone knowing what it has done

We can be love!

My science focus has been on nature and nurture and in my opinion palestinian people have the most amazing genetic pool! I want to compare them to iranians! They boast to have been an empire! They have got political positions in Sweden based totally on corruption and mafia yet they as people behave worse than primitive africa! Mulla Society in Iran fights over primitive scarf obligations while palestinians live side by side regardless scarf or not! Palestinians have real doctors while it has been proved politicians in current Iran are given PhD just as a symbol with no real value! So if you are interested in humanity and human quality in my opinion palestinians are the most amazing humans on earth!

Palestinians! The most developed humans on earth!

Liberalerna har inte varit någonting annat än fiasko efter fiasko! Vi föreslår att Liberalerna avskaffas! För att inte tala om att de tycks vara stenålders människor som svänger kappan efter vinden beroende vem som mutar dem mest! Mycket antyder om att de är Nazister/Facister/sadister!

Avskaffa liberalerna som parti!

Finlands Pisa results are in and they are a total Fiasko! Stasi communist Li Andersson is responsible for this fiasko!

We want to warn everybody about Pekka Haavisto!

He is owned by women hating country Saudi Arabia!

Saudi Arabia uses women hating homosexual men on this planet to manipulate our Planet with!

Why we tell you this?

If you love the Nature in Finland for real you cannot trust the green party in Finland! You have to do stuff yourself!

Sverige styrs av facister och sadister! Man ger gratis pengar åt Victoria! Man ger lön åt facisten och terroristen pourmokhtari som hatar Sveriges natur samtidigt som fattiga barnfamiljer måste få hjälp av röda korset!

Det är en skam att lön ges åt terroristen Dadgostar som är ansvarig för död och elände i Palestina medan röda korset måste tigga pengar så att de kan hjälpa fattiga familjer i Sverige!

Terroristen Parisa LIljestrand mördade Stockholms unika medeltidsmuseum! Varför hon gjorde så?

För att hon är en terrorist som ser till att droger cirkulerar runt bland primitiva varelser i Sverige som "tror" sig vara kulturfolk!

Ursula von der Leyen is against democracy!


Germany is in big problems because germans who function the way Ursula von der Leyen does only were after uniting east and west Germany but they have totally ignored the fact that Stasi people have almost destroyed all of west germans school system!

 "Winterdienst: Gurkenwasser statt Streusalz "

Good to know! Cucumer water instead of salt for winter roads

Warning about Flickr and Pinterest!

They are dishonest!

They are being used for greed and domination so that we only have a couple of ppl that create and become billionairs!

So if you want a sustainable planet you replace Flickr and pinterest with something that is honest and for democracy!

This is how Berlusconi functioned he became billionair because he was dishonest and dominated by trying to get rid of everyone who was for democracy and sustainability!

This is how Anders Adlercreutz functions! His wife is unpatriotic because of her Russia connections! Adlercreutz in turn spreads dishonesty so his "unpatriotic" wife can continue do business with Russia!

Pinterest and Flickr must be owned by Facist/Stasi people because I have never seen censur on jewish owned social media the way I see on

Flickr and Pinterest!

On Pinterest if you want to search for Agenda2030 it says Agenda2030 is against Pinterests policy! How crazy is that??? Right now I am testing vimeo! At least until now vimeo has been alright!


Reminding to Åkesson that the 3 wise men were from middle east! Åkesson is very "uneducated" if he believes middle east ancient wisdom is "strange" to christianity! Åkesson should admit that his "real" problem is Denmark who abused and raped Skåne for centuries!

That is the root of Åkesson and all "skåningars" problem not ancient wise men from middle east!

Dagens Danmark visade oss alla att de är barbarer då danske Peter Madsen styckmördade svenske journalisten Kim Wall!

3 wise men versus barbariska danskar!

Jätte bra grej för cirkulär ekonomi"The SWITCH to Green Facility supports EU international partnerships of DG NEAR, DG International Partnerships and EU Delegations by providing technical assistance where good will or enthusiasm for innovation may be complemented by additional operational, knowledge or other capacities."

 SWITCH to Green Services

Europe 2030! A digital powerhouse!


Stockholm by the Sea! Let us skip the cars!

Almost Flying over the water!

Sametinget! Så litet har hänt på 30 år!

NU skall de få rättvisa mha Agenda2030!

Agenda2030 är Samernas rättvisa!

Uppmaning till handling! Mycket korruption inom skolorna i Stockholm! Börjar redan i förskolan ända till studenten! Man anställer en massa obegripliga iranier medan de som har utbildads på riktig får inte vara med! Kom ihåg att Stockholm styrs av Anna Batra som är gift med en från Indien! Samma Indien som vill att Gaza och palestinier behandlas som djur!

Uppmaning till handling!

"Glöm inte var ni hörde det först!

Jag är helt övertygad om att blockchainteknologi i kombination med smarta kontrakt kommer att innebära slutet på svensk byråkrati. Problemet är att våra politiker inte förstår det!"

Kristersson sysslar med hyckleri! Sveriges ursprungs befolkning(samer) får lida medan Kristersson har inkluderat en massa terrorist iranier från Kokain landet Iran i sin regering! HYCKLERI!

Cocaine terrorist iranier!

Uppmaning till handling! Iranska spioner är ett stort problem i Sverige! Verkligen tragiskt att  två av dessa spioner jobbar för Sveriges regering! Mycket stasi mentalitet! Stackars Sverige som måste stå ut med dessa människor! "Iran – ett av tre stora hot"

Call to Action!

If we loose the arctic we will loose the world!

We already know how to save the world!

Fossil fuels must be replaced by sustainable energy!

EU is its own worse enemy since they greenwashed nuclear plants! Either EU gets a real leader with real leadership or corrupt Ursula and corrupt Roberta will destroy our amazing planet!

Save the arctic! Save the world!

Varning för Henrik Creutz i Finland! Han är en bitter bitter facist som hatar kvinnor!

Facism i Finland

Uppmaning till handling! Visst är det sorgligt med Gaza men organisationer som Pohjola Norden bär stort ansvar för att Gaza är upp och ner just nu! Pohjola Nordens nya ekonomi ansvarig Mitra Julin är 100% korrupt samt har blandat sig i inre konflikter med mellan östern här uppe i Norden!

Uppmaning till handling! Här är ett exempel på hur Tuomas Näreoja blev belönad av kurdiska maffian vid Karolinska Institutet! 2013/2014 så söndrade Tuomas en dyrbar confocal mikroskop på Åbo Universitet med flit för att sabotera kvinnliga forskares jobb och därmed blev han belönad med en PhD degree från mansgris landet England samt postdoc fellowship utförd på Karolinska Institutet!

Hej och hå! Dom eldar på!

Robert Gustafsson - Nazisterna

Houston we have a problem! Not everyone is comfy with digital stuff! 1 in 5 in Netherlands are not digital compatible!

Uppmaning till handling! Petteri Orpo är en skam för Finland! En primitiv och barbarisk man som endast har pengar i huvudet!

Nog är det sorgligt att svenska litteratursällskapet i Finland måste bidra och rädda SAOL! Varken Kristersson eller Åkesson som är så stora i käften när det gäller svenskan hade "förstånd" och rädda SAOL!

Finland räddar SAOL! Skam på dig barbariska obildade Ulf Kristersson!

Uppmaning till handling! Exempel på hur EU slösar pengar på en "massa" rappakalja! Man kan inte tro att Frankrike och Kanada är en del av västvärlden då de "forskar" som de mest primitiva nationer här i världen!

Juni 2023 anordnar EIT Health med " bånga" och Ståt en stor stor "Agriculture/Food" konferens!Det visar sig att "Ljushuvuden" bakom initiativet är till stor del från Frankrike och Kanada men de skall "bearbeta" jordbruk i Finland och Europa! Baskunskap angående jordbruk i Finland är de "långa" dagar vi har på sommrarna och hur det påverkar odling i Norden, någonting som de har totalt missat då de designat sina studier! Sedan har man förenklat och antagit allt som odlas är ett årig! Vilken jordbrukare som helst i Finland vet om växelvärkans nytta för jordhälsan som dom här "ljushuvuden" försökte klura ut!

Med andra ord EIT Food förfogar över enorma mängder pengar som används till "rappakalja"!

Avskaffa vänsterpartiet! Vänsterpartiet står endast för elände! Deras rötter är i kommunismen och kommunismens grymhet! Pengar öses in i vänsterpartiet! Pengar som kunde gå till Skolor i Sverige som är i stor behov av pengar!

Kommunismens grymheter!

Sad and tragic stories about those in the food business!Case study Neste's product good start and the tragic scientist Dr. Ranjit Chandra behind it

Neste paid for fake studies

Avskaffa vänsterpartiet!

Vänsterpartiets historia är en lång kamp mot demokrati och öppet samhälle, ända in i vår tid 

Avskaffa vänsterpartiet! 

Här är ett förslag hur man kan rädda special tidningar! De tidningar som känner sig hotade av nya pressstöd systemet skall förenas och bilda gemensam media förlag som ett paraplysystem för dem alla! Se hur Bonnier gör! De kan grunda special tidningars media förbund och sedan behålla alla dessa special tidningar men ha ett gemensamt administrativ system i form av en ny media bolag!

Samarbeta och bygg upp ngn unik!

In general I find Europe to be very much infected with corruption!

So if your soul is free and your brain loves Nature I suggest puerto rico the place to be!

Sanningen är det att man behöver publicera för att få forsknings pengar! Så fungerar akademin! Alla som har publicerat har manipulerat på något sätt detta vet alla som är i branschen! Istället för att slakta akademin så skall man erkänna att akademin designades inte för att tillverka mediciner! Den designades för att förmedla kunskap!

Därför har alla i Sverige sagt åt mig sedan 1990 vill man veta hur någonting verkligen är så bör man utföra det själv!

Sluta bråka och slösa bort tiden på någonting som alla vet!

Alla publicerade artiklar är på något sätt manipulerade!

Vill ni veta någonting på riktigt så utför det själva!

Man bör dock förstå att nästan ingen i akademin med flit börjar en studie med tanken på att man i slut ändan måste manipulera någonting för att kunna publicera!

Med andra ord de som betalar "forskare" för att med flit utföra studier som bekräftar en massa lögner som deras produkter säljer är helt enkelt mafia människor!

Det som är allra löjligast är att man i Europa "importerar" en massa människor från mellanöstern som sedan skriker och protesterar om en massa saker i västerländska länder när alla vet att deras egna länder är 1000 gånger mera "korrupta" än vad Europa är!

Soon all about Puerto Rico! 

Fun Fact! Jelly fish is immortal

Knowledge makes life fun!

Kari Alitalo är ett exempel på hyckleri inom Finländsk "såkallad" forskning! Han har fått hjälp av Kina för att bygga upp sina "såkallade" positioner! I gengäld blev han landsförrädare och hjälpte Huawei och bli stor genom att bidra till att Europeiska Leica gav Huawei dess topp kamera!

Allt har och göra med hyckleri inom biomedicinsk forskning och "Leicas" kameror för medicinsk forskning! Detaljer om detta vet alla som jobbar inom branschen!

Kritik mot konstfacks nya rektor!

Här är lite insider information om henne hon är från Finland och valdes på basen av korruption!

Finland är för korrupt!

We can solve Alzheimer! 2012 I got via Europe bioimaging a collaboration that jelous old and abusive John Eriksson at Åbo Akademi tried to destroy! He did everything to sabotage my plans and he stole my mTOR idea and published an article based on that  thinking he had come up with something unique!

He is also to blame for Nobel prize fiasko of gregg semenza! Both gregg and John work on Hypoxia and their research is based on fantasy!

Below however is something unique and you are welcome to e-mail me at for collaboration!

Uppmaning till handling

2020 blev Martti Ahtisaari covid positiv! 2021 sade man att han har Alzheimer! Triggade/påskyndade corono infektion hans Alzheimer? Viktig och undersöka för om så är fallet så har många en tråkig ålderdom framför sig! "President Martti Ahtisaari har fått coronasmitta, meddelar presidentens kansli."

Uppmaning till handling! På Nordisk nivå bör vi diskutera nordiska värderingar! På Karolinska Institutet är man strikt emot att man och hustru delar labb någonting som förekommer både vid Åbo Akademi samt Åbo Universitet. Nu kanske ni förstår varför KI kan dela ut Nobelpriset ty de följer vissa nordiska värderingar som korrupta maffia staden Åbo totalt ignorerar!

Uppmaning till handling

Stora brister och skillnader i demensvården

Facism at Åbo Academy was used by mafia country Ireland and Facist country England!

Peter Slotte at Åbo Academy is a fake professor who became a professor because he played a huge role for GB and terrorist country Ireland to finally stop bombing each other!

Not because he actually had professor quality!

In the mean time they got rid of Karl Åkerman who is a doctor and who actually could have made real medical studies at Åbo Academy! They used Karl Åkerman's daughter and made her a drug addict! And they got help from terrorist cocaine country Iran!

Diana was killed 1997 because Diana knew what GB was doing in Finland


 Den finska facismens nattsvarta historia!

Elsevier! The enemy of real research?" The story of how JBC(Journal of Biological Chemistry) sold its Soul to the Devil!"

Spanish elites rally in support of data manipulation!!!

"A horrible, horrible conspiracy befell Spain. Worse than anything you can imagine:"

"How Andrea Cerutti molested and defiled Journal of Immunology" 

"Spain is where dishonest research gets rewarded, with awards, grants and media fame."

Jeffrey Epstein was a monster who was supported by Israel and who abused ppl in the same sick way Hitler did. Now we know that among others Chomsky recieved money from Jeffrey Epstein.

"A new study delves on how Arctic regions implement Smart Specialisation strategies for SDG’s" 

"the value of empowering sustainable regional development in European Arctic regions through Smart Specialisation"

Israel seems to love to rediculate Science!

"The Israeli Ariel University recruited a doctor from hell to their newly established medical school "

" fellow Soviet emigree and new Minister of Higher Education, Zeev Elkin"

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Medeltidsmuseum stängdes utan att intelektuella i Stockholm reagerade!
Har Stockholm förlorat sina intelektuella invånare?
Varför stöds Fotografiska i Stockholm medan medeltidsmuseum stängs?

Uppmaning till handling! Stockholms unika medeltidsmuseum som nu har stängts! Var finns alla intellektuella när vi behöver dem!

Ulf Kristersson är så stor i käften när han "tror" sig försvara svenskheten i Sverige medan medeltidsmuseum slaktas rakt framför hans obildade och barbariska okulturella ögon!!!

Call to Action! Here is what absolutely every University in Sweden and Finland does wrong and what is most important when dealing with courses at medical faculty! Medical faculty teaches courses that has participants with very different background, some are clininicians some are nurses some are dentists etc. At the beginning of every course they ask participants questions like how much physiology do you know or how much anatomy do you know and then based on answers they say well for this lecture it is good that you know these stuff before my lecture! Instead of doing so they should put a standard knowledge they want everyone to have on the course internal page and links to where you can get this knowledge in case you do not have it before the lecture starts so when the lecture takes place everyone knows the same stuff the lecturer assumes they do!

Ulf Kristersson är barnens fiende! Föräldrar får lida för att Ulf Kristersson är ett monster! "Ulf Kristersson fick larm om kinesisk barnhandel – adoptionerna fortsatte"

adoptioner i sverige är brott mot barn

How Antartic and Europe is connected and what that does to the weather in Europe!

Know Thy Antartic!

 3D printer use to make Helicopter!

Knapp 1

"An independent study indicates that by 2030, nearly 48,000 jobs could be created thanks to Copernicus .A small step for man, a big step for the EU"

"Copernicus is the European Union’s earth observation programme "

Assessing Ecosystem Health with Copernicus Marine Data

Copernicus Marine Service

Action Groups!European Polar Board  

Good Luck! 

The new director of NIH Monica Bertagnolli is not a good choice! Italian mafia is written all over her face! Her qualifications is good for being a Hospital director however the main task of NIH is research and she is not someone that can differ real good research from corrupt research! 

NIH is a disaster! 

"Approximately $455 billion of the $7.35 trillion spent on health care annually worldwide is lost each year to fraud and corruption"

very corrupt system

Den svenska korruptionen! Kolla hur Cecilia Wikström gör sig mega rik!Nog blir man ledsen när dom säger sig jobba för folkets bästa men istället jobbar för "ege" bästa!

 "Utöver uppdraget i Europaparlamentet sitter hon i styrelsen för två bolag, Beijer-Alma och Elekta. Detta ger henne en månadsinkomst på 70 000 kronor vid sidan om ersättningen från Europaparlamentet på 80 000 kronor i månaden."

Mika Salminen är en mycket misslyckad val! Mika Salminen är en naturvetare som disputerade om HIV, dvs han har ingen geniun medicinsk kunskap om människan! Han kan jobba med veterinärer däremot är han ej lämplig och leda över människor!

Mika Salminen är en misslyckad val! 

Call to Action! France is guilty of Wuhan disaster and no intellectual discussion about this has been done in EU! Var är alla intellektuella!

Fake dentist working in Belgium! He had fake papers from Romania!

"The Flemish Dentists' Association has sounded the alarm bell over a rising number of people with little knowledge of dentistry being employed as dentists in the country." 

Be aware of fake dentists in Europe! 

Chinese firm buys education company contracted by US military

Kina elände!

Uppmaning till handling

Analys av pandemin! Regioner följde folkhälsomyndigheten! Det är folkhälsomyndigheten som inte fick upp storskalig test system igång!
"För att ha lyckats stoppa smittan och hitta alla sjuka innan smittspridningen var som störst i början av april hade vi antagligen behövt ha en organisation för storskalig testning på plats ett par veckor tidigare. Men det var inte de budskap som regeringen och Folkhälsomyndigheten skickade till regionerna."

"En ny medicinsk faktabank utvecklas vid Universitetssjukhuset i Örebro. Den nya nationella databanken ska göra det möjligt att upptäcka smittspridning tidigare än under coronapandemin." 

Lyckas dom? De bör nog simulera en pandemi och se om det här fungerar då det är kris

President of Stanford Marc Tessier-Lavigne resigns! He had manipulated data in an highly cited Alzheimer article!

 Alzheimer research is a tragedy!

Ever heard Vaticano honor all these priest that died of Covid? We only heard how Vaticano increases ticket price to Vaticano museum!

All these priest died of covid because they were real priest trying to help those most in need of help! 

Highly polluted rivers with Antibiotics! Shocking news about a highly polluted site in Austria! 

Antibiotic pollution 

Tragic News from Santa Monica Mountains

Tragic news about the death of a black bear!

There is a very sophisticated/elegant/democratic way of reaching Agenda2030 goals. End food waste! You will have no hungry ppl on planet and you reduce CO2 emissions!

 Food waste is the world's dumbest problem

Asbestos levels in Hospitals in UK

Be aware of Asbestos!

UK asbestos firm owners ‘whitewashing reputation’ with All Blacks sponsorship


SD har fler än 500 skandaler på Nacken! Jimmy borde jobba som praktikant på amnesty så skulle han lära sig ett och annat om människovärdighet!

Call to Action! "PROOF: Israel to Steal Gaza’s Gas - Worth $500 Billion!"

Call to Action! "MP accuses China of ‘manipulation’"

1990 Europe decided to open up to communist China which means that we in 2023 are all manipulated, dictated and abused by China! Esko Aho is very much to be blamed! He is working for dictator abusive China!

Angela Merkel handled covid the way a stasi east german does and that was a disaster!

Stasi people are a disaster for Europe! 

An article about covid that was accessed 5,7 million times mislead us about covid.

Covid disaster!

Christian Drosten disaster shows that german society is full of holes!

 No good PCR test

Lancet conflict of interest in covid publication!

Covid scandal has shown us that journals were all in one way or another bias.

Therefore it is in the interest of every country on earth to have a communication channel that is neutral in order to protect democracy and well being for all

 Wuhan lab leak debate!

Covid disaster in Sweden! How can a country that is responsible for Nobel prize act this "crazy" during a pandemia???

Covid disaster in Sweden

WHO malfunctions and no one seems to have a solution that this will not happen again. As long as we are dealing with humans.

In theory if we managed to create an error and manipulative free AI it would be able to replace WHO!

 WHO tragedy!

"An Amsterdam University student society has again become embroiled in scandal after female students were called ‘whores’ and ‘semen buckets’ at a celebratory event to mark its 170th anniversary"

Not easy to be a female student in Holland

Call to Action! Action on sugar!

In general you could say that politicians in Finland are idiots!

Alexander Stubb wasted billions of Finlands money on claiming that we year 2014 were russofobs and a person like him who with the help of Italian mafia got a professorship in Italy wants now to be Finlands president!

We hereby nominate him to be the biggest idiot in Finland with a very corrupt and idiot wife from GB!

Ryskt ägande i Pyhäjoki!

Stubb kallar oss russofober och vill ha kärnkraft mha ryssarna!

Call to Action!

France government is accused of promoting

self-interest when it comes to nutrition.

Call to Action! " “In Iran, a shady market for papers flourishes,” revealed that numerous companies in Iran will write theses and scientific papers for a fee. According to one Iranian scientist, many politicians and diplomats obtain advanced degrees from universities without actually earning them."

Call to Action! Meat researcher in Spain shows us the dark side of science! He publishes in order to be funded! He acts in his own self-interest!

Call to Action! Better Nutrition education is needed in Austria!

"Conclusions: The nutritional knowledge of the general population should be significantly improved in order to lay a basis for better dietary behavior. In view of the relatively low scores of teachers, their nutrition education should be improved in order to enable transfer of sound education in schools."

Call to Action! Saudi Arabia manipulates Universities!

Call to Action! When it comes to education Romania is a huge problem for Europe!

Call to Action! Mafia is polluting Mediterranean Sea with toxic waste!

Italian mafia is a huge problem! They are polluting us and making money out of their Evil stuff!

Call to Action! Stefan Löfven is a cold blooded murderer and responsible for painful and unnecessary death of old people during pandemia!

His brutality proves that the only reason a man like him with no real family and no real love/patriotism for Sweden could become PM of Sweden is because he is a stasi man! The tragedy of Sweden today is that we have stasi minded germans infecting swedish and finnish universities everywhere and for that stasi woman Angela Merkel that has given Europe its energy crises is to be blamed! Stasi germans are also responsible for terrorist cocaine iranians infecting swedish and finnish universities because it was terrorist cocaine country Iran that helped east germans "unite" with west!

Call to Action! UK government failed to protect its old people during pandemia! The brutality of this shows that UK is full of Facism minded people!

The brutality of death in european care homes during pandemia proves that Ursula von der Leyen is a brutal facist woman!

Ukrainian Alexander Bondar started civil war at Karolinska Institute in 2007/2008 by orders from jewish woman Anita Aperia!

The only reason Anita Aperia is still alive is because Wallenberg supports her!

They destroyed many hard working russian scientists career at Karolinska by doing so!

You are stupid if you think Ukraina is innocent bystander and russia the mad warrior!


Uppmaning till handling

SD-kandidater: Hyllar nazister och vill utrota muslimer

Här är en svensk som har varit runt om i världen och just nu hamnat i Schweiz som vill mha AI bidra till hållbara kemiska produktioner! Lycka till Kjell! Vi patrioter i Sverige gör det på vårt sätt!

Chemist are behind when it comes to Artificial Intelligence! Here is why we need to collaborate and speed this up!

Kenneth R Chien who is part of Nobel Committee has a conflict of interest in this years Nobel Prize! "Hinzu kommt, dass Kenneth R. Chien, Mitgründer von Moderna, am Nobelpreis-Institut tätig ist."

Call to Action!

"McKernan et al., found SV40 94promoter-enhancer-ori,and SV40 polyAsignal sequences in the Pfizer vaccines."

Call to Action! Myopia is becoming an issue worldwide! Here is a page who tries helping us solve this issue!

Call to Action! The tragic story of italian tomatoes!

Call to Action! Huge Ozone hole over Antartica!

Call to Action!Gulf Stream is weakening! The study is 99% accurate!

Call to Action! Avian influenza has reached the Antarctic!

Call to Action! Chinese contract with German University is against European democracy!

Call to Action!

Over 7 million people in Britain are waiting for surgery because of NHS crises

Sveriges regering ljuger när de pratar om lärande och utbildning samt kunskaps visionen i Sverige!

" "Låt mig börja med att säga så här: ”Folkbildningen har flera syften och skapar nya chanser i livet för många”. Denna mening står att finna på regeringes egen hemsida. Och det är naturligtvis så sant som det är skrivet."


Och just därför framstår det ju som minst sagt märkligt att regeringen med utbildningsminister Mats Persson i spetsen då skurit ner resurserna till folkhögskolorna!

 Call to Action! Ghostwriting is a problem in science communication!  Among other Eli Lilly is guilty of that! 

Call to Action!

Uppsala University deserves someone better than Anders!

Anders was elected during the Chaos of Pandemia otherwise he would never had been elected!

I can tell you according to my own insider observations Anders gets a lot of help from Stasi minded people as well as pure communist minded people! China manipulates a lot at Uppsala University!

I took a course at Uppsala University about education system in Sweden they were only teaching about communist/socialist way of dictatorship education! Not a word was mentioned how Uppsala University is the first Scandinavian University founded 1477 and a leader for decades before we saw communist/socialist hallucinations in the world!

When it comes to Alzheimer Research Academia seems to be the worse place to be! Startups and freelancers seem to be the solution!

Call to Action! Manipulated data scandal in Alzheimer! The motivation? 500 million fund from NIH!

Call to Action! China manipulates Universities in Europe! Here is an example from Switzerland!

Call to Action! Mafia is a huge problem in Italy which also includes its Universities! University of Messina seems to have had someone 100% owned by Mafia as its Dean!

The man's Name is Salvatore Cuzzocrea and to make stuff worse he was the president of the conference of italian university rectors!

Call to Action! The Prince that was married to Dutch queen denied until his death that he had been a Nazi member! It has now been shown that he very much indeed had been a Nazi member!

Since I am a scandinavian what is more of concern to me is Åbo Akademi. They say they believe in real science and democracy but their actions has shown they have either Nazi sympathy or Stasi sympathy! During second world war this was understandable because Russia wanted to own us but now in modern time its rediculous and makes it hard to trust anything done by Åbo Akademi is of real value! Which explains why Biologists and Nurses who lack a doctors knowledge of human anatomy do stuff that someone with a doctors knowledge of Anatomy should do!

The Bigger tragedy is that Åbo Academy's action shows Finlands former education minister Li Andersson must have had Stasi sympathy and the current one Anna-Maja Henriksson must have Nazi sympathy!

You are a fool if you think that nurses have good enough knowledge about Human Anatomy! Also human Anatomy learned by doctors lasts through life because it is tought that way! Nurses seldom remember all Anatomy once they graduate! 


Although undergraduate student and registered nurses recognized the importance of learning anatomy and physiology, the integration of anatomy and physiology into nursing practice was not the same for all student and registered nurses. This suggests the need to investigate the overall perceptions of nurses regarding the integration of anatomy and physiology into nursing practice and for faculty to discuss how to facilitate critical thinking among students."

Nuclear Actin!

I have been reading a publication from 2021 that says the reason why nuclear actin was not detected is because nuclear actin cannot be stained with phalloidin. Following was true for my PhD studies.

When I overexpressed wnt signaling pathway I could clearly see that cytoplasmal actin was shuttled into nucleus from cytoplasm however it took me a couple of months before I could convince other group members that this is

a true phenomenon. Back then at Karolinska Institute no one that we knew had ever looked into nucleus actin.

So their main object was that this is a staining defect and not a real result. They denied that actin exists in nucleus.

However they got convinced after I found a group working at Helsinki University who focused on nucleus actin.

In my opinion it is wrong to only say scientist in general did not believed actin could be inside nucleus

because they thought it should  be stained by something else than phalloidin. It was more a microscopy problem.

If you look at actin in confocal microscopy it looks like a bundle and a staining defect.

But if you look at it with super microscopy you can clearly see actin inside the nucleus. It gets even better if you do live cell

imaging and in real time see how actin gets shuttled from cytoplasm to nucleus.

Call to Action!

What has been wrong with Alzheimer research so far? The scandal shows the danger of group 


Call to Action!

We can see that there is an urgent need for a new parti/organisation

for students and unemployed preliminary in Sweden but it is as urgent

in Finland!

Tragedin i Finland samt Finlands lillebror komplex gentemot Sverige tycks inte ha några gränser!

Usel kommunikation mellan medicinare och icke medicinare i Sverige är stort!

Tragedin blir endast större när man blandar in Tyskland, Spanien samt Frankrike

i Nordens inre konflikter!

Vi ämnar se till att studerande samt arbetslösa har toppen liv rik på upplevelser 

och kvalitet.

Sedan ser vi akut behov av att födande kvinnor i Sverige kan föda och bemötas med respekt och

högsta kvalitet och inte är beroende av vem som just då jobbar som ansvarig läkare!

Call to Action! New research about mothers milk has shown its benefits to prevent Alzheimer

Micronutrient in breast milk boosts brain development in newborns

A host of research questions remain: Are lower inositol levels in people with depression or bipolar disease a cause of those diseases, or a side effect of drugs used to treat them?

Do higher than normal levels in people with Down's syndrome and Alzheimer's disease suggest that too much


-inositol is problematic?

What is the "right" level of



-inositol to have in one's brain for optimal brain health at various stages of life?

Call to Action!

“Voodoo” Science in Neuroimaging: How a Controversy Transformed into a Crisis

 Conclusions: When Controversy Becomes a Methodological Crisis

The answer why
Covid is more severe
in old men

Call to Action

Geothermal Energy is a sustainanle and democratic energy. It is found anywhere on earth beneath your feet!

Good News is Finland is alert and on the leading front!

Call to Action!

A Mysterious Site in The Ocean Draws Thousands of Octopuses. Here's Why.

Discovered in 2018, the nursery is the most spectacular octopus nesting site ever discovered.

Call to Action!

Det är dags för årets tredje deltävling av Allsvenskan Segling. Denna helg kommer seglingarna ske utanför Åmål och som vanligt är det de 18 bästa klubbarna som gör upp om att bli årets bästa kappseglingsklubb. Läs mer på

Call to Action!

Havets historia för framtiden

Historisk kunskap kan lära oss förstå samspelet mellan människa och havsmiljö och lägga grunden till ett gott miljöarbete.

Call to Action!

Women On Water är en årlig sprint-tävling för endast kvinnliga besättningar. Här presenteras konceptet WOW i samband med Stadshusregattan i Stockholm i juni 2023.

Call to Action!

Pelicans are disappearing from the Great Salt Lake

Call to Action!

Minke whales are being experimented upon in Norwegian waters. During a storm, one of the captured whales got entangled and drowned. After suspending the tests for an investigation, tests are now resumed. What exactly is this experiment and is it really necessary?

Call to Action!

Weapons dumped on the bed of the Baltic Sea nearly 80 years ago are now reaching a critical stage of decay, leaching toxic chemicals into the water. Researchers are raising the alarm about the ticking environmental time bombs lying off the coast of Germany.

Call to Action!

Bakom den tropiska fasaden – förgiftade vita stränder

Enligt Världsnaturfonden är stranden en av Medelhavets giftigaste. Det multinationella belgiska företaget Solvays utsläpp går rakt ut i havet och även i luften.

Call to Action!

ALBANY — Groundwater in at least three upstate towns is contaminated by pollutants that General Electric dumped into the Hudson River for decades, a new federal report has found.

The Hudson River Natural Resource Trustees said on Thursday that GE’s dumping of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into river exceeded state groundwater standards in Hudson Falls, Fort Edward, and Stillwater for a “repeated and prolonged” period of time.

Call to Action!

Vattendragen torkar ut på Gotland varje år: ”Det nya normala”

Call to Action!

Ballard (2007) writing in Surviving Climate Change also helps to make these insights practical, by identifying nine ‘transformation pathways ’ which help an organisation move through levels very similar to Dunphy ’s when developing strategic response to climate change. 

Call to Action!

Im Mittelmeer wurde die höchste jemals aufgezeichnete Wassertemperatur gemessen. Der Anstieg der Meerestempertaur alarmiert Klimaforscher weltweit.

Call to Action!

Photographer John Fielder has taken over 200,000 pictures, and 7,000 are now being donated to and will be free to download. The prolific photographer is now battling pancreatic cancer. Barry Petersen reports

Call to Action!

Skogsindustrin gör rekordvinster och skogsavverkningen i Sverige har aldrig varit så omfattande som nu, enligt Skogsstyrelsens statistik. 

Samtidigt ifrågasätter forskare regeringens ensidiga fokus på skognäringen och kritiserar bristen på artskydd och förlusten av biologisk mångfald.

Call to Action!Sad story!

Tuhansia pikkukajavia on kuollut lintuinfluenssaan Norjassa

Call to Action!

In 2010, Barcelona’s nine city beaches were topped up with 700,000 cubic metres of sand. Since then, 70% of that sand has disappeared.

Did you know that?

  •  JUNE 4, 2019

  • Luxury cruise giant emits 10 times more air pollution (SOx) than all of Europe’s cars – study

    Call to Ation!

    Holmen meddelar att de gått in som medfinansiär i en fond som syftar till att stödja vattenkraftägare att miljöanpassa sina verksamheter.

    Call to Action!

    Sverige ska bli det först med åtgärder för att minska undervattensbuller

    Call to Action!


    Call to Action!

    Kraftig minskning av laxar i Östersjöns älvar – fiskaren Kent i Skellefteå drabbad

    Call to Action

    Over 13 million Vietnamese do not have sufficient access to clean water for their daily activities, including 2.5 million people in rural areas, where many farmlands are located. Contaminated water accounts for nearly 80 percent of diseases in the country, including cholera, typhoid, dysentery and malaria each year. 

    Ironically Jonas ( the man from left party in Sweden who claims he believes in humanity but whose actions shows he only believes

    in corruption and stupid/autistic decisions ) is now living in Vietnam and I bet he never has to worry about clean water!

    Call to action

    – Fågelinfluensa har drabbat vilda fåglar i olika delar av landet och nu har smitta konstaterats på en tamfågelanläggning. Detta är första gången vi har fågelinfluensa på en kommersiell fjäderfäanläggning under sommar.

    Call to action

    I recommendate that everyone googles "Private jet pollution"

    You can see what a climate disaster private jet is! It is predicted that by 2026 we will have technology with
    renewable energy for flight so make sure to educate people about this knowledge and make sure that people with private jet know what a climate
    disaster they are!

    Electric Aircraft Set to Take Flight by 2026 Under New Agreements with United Airlines Ventures, Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Mesa Airlines, Heart Aerospace

    Flying shame: the scandalous rise of private jets

    More nurdles have been found on beaches than ever before as environmental groups call for legislation to class them as marine pollutants so they're subject to stricter laws during handling and transportation.

    Record number of plastic nurdles found on beaches

    We Finally Know How Photosynthesis Starts: It Takes Just a Single Photon

    Nature invented a very clever trick

    Call to action

    Although only a relatively small proportion of dead birds is tested for avian influenza, current sampling suggests that very large numbers of Black-headed Gulls are infected. 

    Cases continue to spread, with infections emerging in Northern Ireland as well as more widely across England. In Belfast Harbour, the RSPB Windows on Wildlife reserve suspects at least 200 Black-headed Gulls have died on the site as a result of avian influenza in the last two weeks alone.

    Call to action

    Högst halter av PFAS hade lax från Värnen, Bottenviken och gös från Mälaren och Hjälmaren.

    Call to action

    13. kesäkuuta rannalta Halikosta löytyneet naurulokit vietiin paikallisen valvontaeläinlääkärin tutkittavaksi, josta ne puolestaan toimitettiin lintuinfluenssaepäilyn vuoksi Ruokaviraston tutkimuksiin. Lintuinfluenssa todettiin lintujen elinnäytteistä. Lokeista yksi jouduttiin lopettamaan paikan päällä neurologisten oikeiden vuoksi.

    Call to action

    German WWII sunken submarine U-864 contains 67 tonnes of pure metallic mercury. The load of mercury already has leaked 150-300 kg of mercury into the marine environment, and the pollution goes on. Most of the pollution comes from contaminated sea bed from broken mercury canisters that fell out of the submarine during the sinking due to a torpedo that cut the boat in two.

    Call to action

    Detta är en handlingsuppmaning. För att ändra den behöver du bara markera texten och ersätta den med ditt eget innehåll. Använd uppmaningen för att visa sidans besökare vad de bör göra härnäst.

    Call to action


    Bygg en egen mätstation för luftpartiklar och bli del av ett världsomspännande Citizen Science-nätverk

    Call to action

    Vi startar Algforskarsommar extra tidigt i år och nu behövs många entusiaster som kan tänka sig att ta sig ut till stranden och blåstången redan strax efter vårdagjämningen den 20 mars, när natten och dagen är lika långa. Tyvärr kommer det att vara kallt i vattnet.

    Orsaken är att resultaten från 2022 visade att blåstången blir mogen mycket tidigare i Östersjön än vad vi tidigare antagit. Rapporterna visade att förökningstoppar var mogna redan vid fullmånen den 16 maj i södra Östersjön och vattentemperaturen var bara runt 10 - 13 grader.

    Call to action

    Linnaean lessons – Inspiration for knowledge is an inspiration booklet. Each chapter is arranged according to the stories of Linnaeus’s life and activities linked to short factual texts and practical lesson suggestions.

    Call to action

    Tank cleaning is one of the least explored types of environmental impact from shipping and there are no comprehensive statistics available on which substances are released, in which concentrations and in how large volumes.

    Swedish Institute for the Marine Environment Report No. 2022:6

    Call to action

    On this website, you can find a map with observations and the incidents between sailing boats and the orcas.

    Call to action

    June is Ocra action month!

    Call to action

    Både andelen helt syrefria områden och områden med syrebrist fortsätter öka i Östersjön.

    Dessutom är halterna av svavelväte de högsta man någonsin uppmätt.

    Det framgår av den årliga syrerapporten från SMHI.

    Mystery Solved

     Forskarna kom fram till att tioarmade och åttaarmade bläckfiskars smakreceptorer började utvecklas oberoende av varandra från en gemensam förfader för omkring 300 miljoner år sedan.

    Call to action

    Video games are rocking Switzerland! Good news! People in Switzerland are not jelous! You will get a lot of help from ppl in Switzerland! People are cute and nice! Mostly very much healthy contrary to mentally ill Peter from Rovio!

    Bevis för att Peter från Rovio är mental sjuk? Själv sitter han på biljoner och skall ge bort futtiga 1 miljon för att låtsas och se ut

    att han inte är ett monster! Skam på dig mental sjuka Peter från Rovio!

    Call to action

    Big warning about Peter from Rovio! He is mentally ill! He suffers from severe jelously and he hates women!

    Peter is a hateful man who lacks respect for women and a good society! Rovio has made a deal with Sega and now jelous Peter

    wants to dominate the video game market!

    Call to action

    Vill ni ha bevis för att Pekka Haavisto är mentalsjuk samt låtsas patriot? Pekka har en sjuklig begär för att provocera folk! En äkta patriot skulle sätta sin energi på att förstärka Finland som land istället för att provocera folk!

    Call to action!

    Good news about video games production! We have amazing times!

    Do not listen to Peter from Rovio! That man is soooo jelous!

    I have not yet met a man named Peter who has not been jelous!

    Avoid men with the name Peter, they are jelous and want to own everything themselves and destroy everyone else!

    Video games is the way we will Achieve Agenda2030 goals!

    Video games is the way we will make our Planet great again!

    Peter is so jelous! Rovio has made a deal with Sega so jelous Peter

    does not want to see anyone else around!

    Smart finnish women can see that Peter is dying from jelously!

    He lacks self esteem! I could say that Peter is mentally ill!

    Call to action

    Did you guys know that video games can cure mentally ill people who are jelous the way Peter from Rovio is jelous from

    mental illness?

    Vi tvångsvårdar Rovio Peter med videospel så att han sluter och ljuga!

    Peter gets jelous because he is a man with very low self esteem! Shame on you Rovio Peter!

    Finland deserves much

    better than jelous and mentally sick Rovio Peter!

    Call to action

    27. März 2023

    Bei Gaming-Livestreams und Let’s Plays schalten täglich Millionen Menschen in Deutschland ein

    Call to action

    7. März 2023

    GDC 2023: Deutscher Gemeinschaftsstand größer als jemals zuvor

    Finland is becoming a looser in video gaming industry! Germany is rocking hard!

    Shame on you jelous Peter! Shame on you Peter!

    Finnish women are going to put jelous Peter into his place!

    Call to action

    Big Warning about Petteri Orpo and Li Andersson! These two are worse than Hitler! They hate knowledge! They love slavery!

    2018 I had giant plans about exosomes! Now I will show you

    that exosome is real knowledge and that Petteri and Li are crap

    people the way Hitler was crap!

    You can repair stuff in the body with exosomes! That is how our body

    already is doing! We just boost the system used in our body!

    Call to action

    Exosomes: The rising stars of regenerative medicine

    Jul 7, 2022

     Most ingredients such as peptides are larger than 500 kDa [a unit of molecular mass] and cannot get into the skin. That’s why I’m not a peptide fan. Growth factors [cell-stimulating biological substances produced by the body’s cells, also found in skin care] may not be safe. They can stimulate skin cancers. 

    Urgent! Canada is destroying our Planet and everyone including

    UN is silent!

    Three-quarters of the world’s mining companies are headquartered in Canada. Canadian mining firms are mired in corruption and human rights abuses around the world, yet Justin Trudeau has reneged on pledges to regulate them and end the abuses.

    All over the world, Canadian-run mines habitually destroy farmland, harm endangered species, and contaminate drinking water. 

    Canada is destroying our Planet! 

    Call to action

    Militären saknar värdighet samt värderingar!

    Glöm bort dumma Nato! Glöm bort dumma dumma Pentagon!

    US Military Pollution: The World’s Biggest Climate Change Enabler

    Call to action


    An enormous iceberg that set off from the Antarctic coast in late 2022 has been photographed by NASA satellites as it drifts away into the Southern Ocean.

    The iceberg, known as B-22A, is around 1,158 square miles in area—around 4 times the size of New York City. The piece floating off into the ocean is the largest remaining chunk of a larger, 1,500 square mile iceberg that sheared off from the Thwaites Glacier in 2002, which was around the size of Rhode Island.

    Call to action

    6th Mass extinction

    Call to action

    The huchen, the largest trout species in Austria, is under acute threat of extinction, according to a new study. The majestic animal, which weighs up to 30 kilograms and is 1.3 meters long and is also known as the Danube salmon, used to live in more than 250 rivers and over a river length of more than 7,400 kilometers in Austria and Bavaria. “Today we find populations in only 0.7 percent of the native range in very good condition,” said study leader Stefan Schmutz of the Vienna University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (Boku).

    Call to action

    For 40 years, scientists have been relentlessly trying to stop the extinction of the largest migratory fish in French waters, one of the most endangered species in Europe.

    Call to action

    Many sharks disappear as a result of bycatch. Most of the sharks caught are simply thrown back into the sea. However, they are already dead or so weakened that their chance of survival is very small. 

    Call to action

    Number of Australia’s Fish Species Considered Critically Endangered Doubles

    We are currently focusing on SDG14

    but all of SDG1-SDG17 are on our Agenda! In order to reach Agenda2030 we call

    to action!

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    we are free from humans who seem to believe they own

    Nature! Instead we have been seeking funds from local

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